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hey guys a friend of mine told me about this mob canon in minecraft pe and I thought it was pretty cool so I was going to show you how to make one

you will need two different blocks of your choice
and mob eggs of your choice

Step 1:

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first of start by making a 3-3 square a few blocks above ground

Step 2:

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then place a block on each corner of the square

Step 3:

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add a second layer above the four blocks to cover the top of the openings

Step 4:

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close the openings with the second block of your choice (I used oak planks)

Step 5:

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place four more blocks on top of the cannon as shown

Step 6:

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take your mob eggs and fill the barrel with ad many of the mob you choose you can fit e.g I used pigs

Step 7: Finnally

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to fire it fly next to the cannon and break one of the blocks blocking the openings. A whole bunch of mobs (pigs) should fly out the opening
there you go It's pretty basic but it's cool to show of to your friend

If you want you can try it with another type of mob e.g cows or chickens

thats about it hope you guys like this idea
If you have any question leave a comment


Bonnie is a girl (author)2016-03-04

Ha ha ha that is so easy but so simple

Echo450 (author)2015-03-30

did you spawn enough animals in it you need a lot of them

1PokemonLover (author)2015-03-29

It isn't working why

Austydude (author)2014-10-07

Wow Very Cool!

Echo450 (author)2014-07-12

I made a few mistakes

Echo450 (author)2014-07-12

I just realised I made a mistake

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