we set out to upgrade my son's gaming corner. so we gathered our Halloween costumes (which I have made instructables for as well) and started painting!!!

Step 1: Collect Supplies

we used a broken table (which we just placed inside of the spider jockey costume, )
the cardboard Halloween costumes we made previously
some black poster paper(you won't need this if you have drywall to paint on. we rent, and didn't want to paint an unauthorized mural in the basement lol)
packing tape or liquid mails calking glue(to attach the paper to the wall, this is for a concrete wall with no drywall)
paints (we used craft acrylic paint, cheap and easy to find in bulk)
hot glue and gun (preferably a large one, small ones can't do large areas quickly)
razor knifes
flat Styrofoam for the stamps
paint brushes for touch ups
extra cardboard (we used two 12 packs. this is for the enderman body piece. )
cardboard for the stamp backing
tape measure and a square
pencils for marking. ..

NOTE:drawing long flat lines is difficult workout a very long flat tool to mark against, so I suggest using a chalk line if you have access to one.
sorry the ible isn't complete. I will be adding to it add I can!

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