Introduction: Minecraft Pe Glich

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Step 1:

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first you have to get a dimond block

Step 2:

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place it down

Step 3:

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go to home screen and click the home button twice quickly

Step 4:

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erase minecraft from there

Step 5:

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and then go back minecraft

Step 6:

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and then you have two dimond blocks


skitcher1101 (author)2017-08-10

you need a iphone right?

dafft299 (author)2013-11-19

just try out the glicth on survival!i was to lazy to do it on survival

skitcher1101 (author)dafft2992017-08-10

then don't be lazy. just get it in creative and then turn the world to survival

skitcher1101 (author)2017-08-10

U are on creative mode that is not glitch

rhett5 (author)2013-11-01

That isnt a glitch

dafft299 (author)rhett52016-05-27

even tho i said to do it in survival, i was lazy to do in survival so i showed what you would do in creative-_-

lovehunting (author)2014-08-11

One mine I did it and my block was gone and a tree had fell over

Austydude (author)2014-08-09

CMON ur on creative

dafft299 (author)2014-03-09

more then once

dafft299 (author)2014-03-09

it does work

iman4 (author)2014-02-25

I've tried it. It only works once. Good try.

puppetjax (author)2013-11-12

Cool very useful

Minecraft PE pro (author)2013-11-07


fasc23 (author)2013-11-02

That only works on survival

fasc23 (author)2013-11-02

What's ur Game Center nickname and ur clash of clans clan?

Ryanoxpqz (author)2013-11-01

And the glitch is kinda sensitive as well.

bthompson23 (author)2013-11-01

It is but they did it in creative u do this all the time but sometimes it doesn't work

StarwarsChick (author)2013-11-01

It only works in survival.

rhett5 (author)2013-11-01

Which has unlimited blocks

rhett5 (author)2013-11-01

Your in creative

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