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Introduction: Minecraft Pe Glich

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Step 1:

first you have to get a dimond block

Step 2:

place it down

Step 3:

go to home screen and click the home button twice quickly

Step 4:

erase minecraft from there

Step 5:

and then go back minecraft

Step 6:

and then you have two dimond blocks



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    you need a iphone right?

    just try out the glicth on survival!i was to lazy to do it on survival

    1 reply

    then don't be lazy. just get it in creative and then turn the world to survival

    U are on creative mode that is not glitch

    even tho i said to do it in survival, i was lazy to do in survival so i showed what you would do in creative-_-

    One mine I did it and my block was gone and a tree had fell over

    CMON ur on creative

    I've tried it. It only works once. Good try.

    That only works on survival

    What's ur Game Center nickname and ur clash of clans clan?

    And the glitch is kinda sensitive as well.

    It is but they did it in creative u do this all the time but sometimes it doesn't work

    Which has unlimited blocks

    Your in creative