Picture of minecraft pe server (multiplayer for minecraft)
i am going to show you how to join my minecraft pe server
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Step 1: Get multiplayer for minecraft

Picture of get multiplayer for minecraft
first, get the multiplayer for minecraft in the app store for $3

Step 2: Add me on gamecenter

Picture of add me on gamecenter
add me on gamecenter my username is: derpmaster2001

Step 3: Tell me why i should let you join

Picture of tell me why i should let you join
comment on this instructable tell me your username, age, why i should let you join, and these two questions: have you ever griefed and have you ever been kicked and/or banned from a server
Wyatt092913 days ago
I've never been bad.
Wyatt092913 days ago
My username for MCPE is BeastlyGuy I have never been kicked or banned from a server I am 6
kippyflip73 months ago

seriously what about the peps playing on android and why would anyone want to join anyway

#worse then derp ssundee

Justin_Bailey6 months ago
My name on Game Center is justin_bailey I have never been banned nor kicked I am sixteen and I am working on a server of my own in creative mode!!! And I'm a pretty good builder for a noob!!!
bobwords8 months ago

I should be in the server because 1 if there are no griefers or trolls I'm in realms heaven I'm 10years old I've never been kicked or banned from a server and my username is smiledog56 thank you if you read this

crees09111 months ago
Helpful and very creative


Never greifed or been kicked
jackmaster1 year ago
i am making a house that is to big for a giant
And I can make AWESOME helicopters in mcpe.
My username is BestMincrafter,I'm 9,and I have never griefed or banned from a server.I haven't been on one!
Never banned or grieved, Game Center is dragonluver4517, and I'm 11
epicman3331 year ago
My name on Game Center is tuxpiggie I will record on your server if you wAnt I am 11 I have never Ben kicked or banned from a server.
epicman3331 year ago
To make better roads go to my instruct able channel
derpmaster2001 (author) 1 year ago
hi guys, im gonna host the server for the very first time on sunday 5:30 pm virginia, united states time
And my gamcenter is the same as my instructables
Oh yeah and im 13
Hi my user name for minecraft is hades 153 and for instructalbes its jacob818153 i hvent grieved but i did get banned from a gackers server i didnt knowhow to use lava and water and kinda wrecked his house on accident But ik how to use it now
Hi derpmaster2001! I'm swimmertoo0812 in Game Center and I really want to join your server because of three things. I am a pro at minecraft and I am really good at making houses and I am good at working with other people. As for griefing, I have never griefed in my life and I have never been kicked or banned from a server.
derpmaster2001 (author) 1 year ago
guys im really sorry i couldnt host the server yet i am not giving an exact date that im hosting the server because im going on vacation tommarow
derpmaster2001 (author) 1 year ago
Lol It's so funny how its all kids
izzy42681 year ago
Ok I'm 11 my username is izzy4268 and no I have never been banned or blocked and I have never greifed
derpmaster2001 (author) 1 year ago
ok im really sorry but i went to play paintball with my friend at last minute. the new host date is tommarrow at 6:00 PM in USA time
derpmaster2001 (author) 1 year ago
alright, i am going to host my server tommarow, Saturday at 3:00 PM in USA time to let you guys play on my world. if you dont grief, you wont be banned. if you do grief, you will be banned and i wont let you on my server ever again
MW3 Modder1 year ago
And sorry I didn't say it in my first comment but I have never been kicked for any thing I just like to play minecraft and I like to play with someone good at it to
MW3 Modder1 year ago
My Game Center username is Luke Schuler I am 11 and I never grief or spam I'm not that king of guy
derpmaster2001 (author) 1 year ago
Jedi 271 year ago
I'm a guy my username is Yvonne pule and I'm. 11 I've never been kicked
derpmaster2001 (author) 1 year ago
plz tell me why i should let you join here in comments