I thought I'd bring my love of minecraft into the real world, and made a little pickaxe keychain.
I cut the shape out of a sheet of acrylic (lots of little cuts, believe me) and then painted it with acrylics. I then sealed it with a quick coat of shellac and hooked it up with a keyring.
now... a stack or two of 64 cobblestone...
BY THE POWER OF CUSTARD!!!!!![runescape refrance]I WILL MAKE ONE!!!!!
gonna make a shovel and axe to go with it? haha
and hoe?
and maybe a sword?
All joking aside, carrying a full set of miniature minecraft tools would be ridiculously cool.
and shears. and a flint/steel.
Minecraft AFK!! ftw
for everyone asking how i cut or made this, I used a scroll saw to cut the shape out of a sheet of acrylic. Scroll saws are great for fine detail.
What would you cut this with?
How, tutorial please.<br>
This is AWESOME.

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