Ok if you like me you'll have a hard time with minecraftwiki's red stone guides.  I'll show you some of the easy basic stuff to do to extend your red stone wiring.

I'll make another instructable when i get at least one comment.

Step 1: The Distance

red stone only takes a signal 15 blocks

This simple repeater ( pic 2 ) will carry the signal 15 more blocks, but will also invert the signal.

To build this place a block run red stone to the top of it. Them on the other side of the block from the wire place red stone torch run your wire from there.

Step 2: Better Repeater

This is a better repeater that wont invert the power.

To build place to blocks, place a red stone torch on the end that get you signal. Place a single red stone wire on the next block then place a red stone torch on the end run wire from there.

Step 3: Vertical Transport

This is if you want to trans port the signal vertically

To build just stack a block place a torch then place a block on to of it and repeat.

Very good plans/ideas that you have cause the minecraft wiki is a bunch of gibberish kind of
U know,i didnt know this stuff when i first played minecraft,this was very helpful to me thank u <br>
cool , nice tutorial

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