Step 1:

secret entrance

Step 3:

a room with doors and you have to choose the right path that leads to the safe

Step 4:

these are what the doors lead to
<p>No joke i just made that painting secretdoor on the Xbox 360 and i thought it was an original idea.....5min later i see this :|</p>
Cool idea! I see u r doing pocket edition. If u r on PC then I would suggest placing a door and then putting at least a 1x2 painting in front. That is what I did for my bedroom in PC on my mansion
i know right!
Very nice. Could be very useful. Especially with diamonds. You can't trust people these days...
nice real useful
Plz do something else please that my image
lol ur iron picks durability
Dude that my pic I sent you With my cat (I use minecraft photo edit)
I did it

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