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Introduction: Minecraft Safe

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Step 1:

secret entrance

Step 2:

Step 3:

a room with doors and you have to choose the right path that leads to the safe

Step 4:

these are what the doors lead to



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    No joke i just made that painting secretdoor on the Xbox 360 and i thought it was an original idea.....5min later i see this :|

    Cool idea! I see u r doing pocket edition. If u r on PC then I would suggest placing a door and then putting at least a 1x2 painting in front. That is what I did for my bedroom in PC on my mansion

    i know right!

    Very nice. Could be very useful. Especially with diamonds. You can't trust people these days...

    Dude that my pic I sent you With my cat (I use minecraft photo edit)



    4 years ago

    I did it

    13, 11:53 AM.jpg13, 11:53 AM.jpg13, 11:53 AM.jpg