Mini 4 Jaw Chuck Wood Lathe





Introduction: Mini 4 Jaw Chuck Wood Lathe

making a mini lathe had been an idea in my mind for a long time until i saw someone's. and then i made this by aluminium alloy sections and aluminium plate. but i didn't take too many pictures for all the steps because sometimes i forgot.
this lathe can be extended when you add some module. it can be a table saw, a grinder... and it will help you do many things only if you have ideas.

list of materials:
AL alloy sections length 3060: 650mm*2; 1560: 200mm*2; 3030: 650mm*2 40mm*2 100mm*1
AL plate: 120mm*100mm*10mm*2, 120mm*20mm*10mm*4
motor 220V/250w RPM forget
4 jaw chuck: Φ65mm screw thread M14*1
drill chuck: B16 joint
bearing with base Φ20mm *4
spindle: Φ20mm, one has screw thread M14*1 on the both ends, another has a B16 joint for drill chuck
motor belt: Φ6mm Polyurethane
sliding table 50mm*150mm*30mm
some screws...

Step 1: The Material

fix the rails, after rails are for the electric motor
fixed them on the epoxy plate.

Step 2: Other Parts

some hand working

Step 3: Continue Hand Working

a skill: when you use a hand saw, you can put a mirror on the opposite side, then you will never deviate.

Step 4: The Last Assemble

the drills and files were my grandfather's, they are mine now.
i fixed the dead center of lathe on a slide way.



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    What a great idea with the mirror, in all the years I've been working it's the first time I've ever heard of it

    lol great idea with putting a mirror on the other side of the cut to watch the saw and make sure it stays on line..

    This skill was copy from a carpenter near my school when i was a child.

    well thanks for including it in this.


    Are the AL extrusions 80/20 stock??

    Yeah... what's that stuff called? is there a "Common" name for it? Id like to look into getting some. Is it just "Aluminum Extrusion"?

    I think its just aluminum T-slot framing, like the stuff listed here: Even if its not, you could do the exact same thing with T-slot framing, and then it would be compatible with T-slot stuff.

    cool. I did go to the link that steelsun provided to the ebay seller.. lotsa cool stuff.
    I am wondering if this stuff would be strong enough to use as a frame for a small, benchtop mill?

    It most definitely would be strong enough, assuming you use the proper fastening hardware with it. If it isn't strong enough for a larger one than that, you could just use double-extrusion framing.