Mini K`nex Big Ben Model




Introduction: Mini K`nex Big Ben Model

this is a mini K`nex big ben from many specific and unique angles helping you construct a replica of this architectral marvel.



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looks good, by the way: where did you get all those really long rods and weird colours

The k`nex motorized madness ball machine.  you could probably get it at toys R`us for about the same on  If you don`t want to spend $89.99 to $92.88 from on just a model building the machine it self is pretty neat and interesting, and with this Christ mas season coming up it will most likely to be easer to get it  with out spending your own money!

Great! How long did it take you to make this?

Hmmmmmmmmm..... I geuss you don't have good taste!

good taste!! you don't need any taste to realise its not worth five stars

This looks great man. You have built the best mini knex model on ibles. Good job.