Introduction: Mini LED Light Stick

Picture of Mini LED Light Stick

make this cool mini LED light stick

Step 1: Items Needed

Picture of Items Needed

1. pen
2. hot glu stick
3. 2 tiny watch batteries
4. red, green, or blu LED

Step 2: Creation

Picture of Creation

take the entire pen apart & keep the tube

Step 3: Creation #2

Picture of Creation #2

force hot glu stick at least 2mm into the pen tube

Step 4: LED Part

Picture of LED Part

tape the 2 tiny watch batteries together & place the batteries between the LED wires

Step 5: Final

Picture of Final

insert the LED with the batteries into the opposite side & it should atomaticly turn on


harry potter rules (author)2011-04-20

how do u turn your amazing instructable off

GorillazMiko (author)2008-03-05

Pretty cool. You don't have to use a red, blue, or green LED, use any color you want. RGB (or RBG, I think it's RGB though...) LEDs would probably look cool.

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