Introduction: Mini Airplane

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Very easy to make, electric motor, wires and battery.... a flying airplane

Step 1: Materials

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Materials: pop can, electric motor, 9v battery hack, wires, and fishing line or any rods

tools: cutter pliers, scissor

Step 2: Connect Copper Wires

Picture of Connect Copper Wires

twist the copper wires in place as show below picture.

Step 3: Connect the Battery

Picture of Connect the Battery

connect the battery to the wires at the back of the electric motor

Step 4: Cut Out the Pop Can

Picture of Cut Out the Pop Can

cut out from the pop can to make a propellers. make a small hole in the middle of the propellers and connect it to the electric motor

Step 5: Fishing Line

Picture of Fishing Line

tying the fishing line onto the airplane in the middle, make sure it is balance between the battery and the motor, you can also use AAA battery it will work the same. for more actions how the airplane work, please watch the video thanks


DaniyalS1 (author)2015-06-19

Does this electric motor will work, plz tell.
Email id

jadenl8 (author)DaniyalS12017-04-13


minedragon20 (author)DaniyalS12017-02-22


ragup1 (author)DaniyalS12016-06-05

No oly the motor made by aluminium will work.u mentioned motor is too heavy its not fit for a plane

Experimentsarts (author)ragup12017-02-02

IsaiahH6 (author)DaniyalS12016-03-12

I think it's much too heavy to work :-{

Hello20162746 (author)2016-10-15

can you use a button cell battery

shivam22 (author)2011-12-21

It will not work. An aerodynamic model will be needed

syams13 (author)shivam222016-05-19

it will work but the thing is only in an upward direction

GabrielK15 (author)shivam222016-01-21

I tried it andit actually works;

it doesnt weigh very much and it goes to fast so wings arent needed.

Although once I sticked wings on the batteries it worked much better.

u r right ,no wings nothin at all n where's da video?????????????

sharkeybarkey231 (author)2016-04-30

i will try it like right now

KartikG12 (author)2016-03-16

i does not think that this will work .In my opinion it will not work according to the steps given.........

IsaiahH6 (author)2016-03-12

He probs just took a video of it falling and reversed it :-/

latifullah khan (author)2016-03-11

How i can make a ramote for it please

latifullah khan (author)2016-03-11

Can be control if remote

AB007 (author)2015-10-01

does it really works???? i think its edited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AB007 (author)2015-10-01

does it really works???? i think its edited

hassankhanalizai (author)2015-09-10

Svictor07 (author)2015-04-13

pretty cool

jojo_niepert09 (author)2015-03-05

omg thanks I got an a+ for it

SudarkodiN (author)2015-01-04

but how did make it to fly on weight 9 volt battery and weight motor?

kim.spencer.794 (author)2014-12-07

Worked like a charm. It flew pretty fast too. We didn't use a pop can, but took a propeller off of a broken RC helicopter and it worked. Otherwise, we followed the instructions exactly. Project takes a little while, but is fun to watch the airplane spin around when it is all done.

mahdyfo (author)2014-08-10

Wow it won't fly ! it's too heavy, doesn't have any wings, and the batteries are not suitable.

Aditya M (author)2014-02-14

I don't think it will fly.

I would try to make it........

halimaw96 (author)2012-07-15

Could this work if you used small button cells instead? Like a CR2032 maybe?

kvnfln9000 (author)halimaw962013-07-03

it could but the cr2032s might not be powerful enough for it to fly very far

RAYMOND VON (author)2013-02-13

cant fly so hight atlest 2km!

chetancc (author)2012-12-15

Put video plz so that we can see it flying...

Trapper777 (author)2012-07-15

Your Video Isn't working

The Expert Noob (author)2012-07-15

vraja2 (author)2011-05-15

WILL IT FLY?????????????????

wmmt3 (author)vraja22011-06-26

NO, is Will it blend?

The Expert Noob (author)wmmt32012-07-15

Bender will make it bend.

Derek Vigil (author)wmmt32012-07-15

Don't breathe this.

devendra kaithal (author)vraja22012-01-15

it will not fly....

Tomdf (author)2012-07-15

Is it just me or is the plane hovering in most of those photos? Does Barq's contain some kind of anti-gravity property that I'm unaware of? If so, what about A&W?

Tecman_01 (author)2012-04-17

Mmm can be applied to a plane to scale???

CamoBedding (author)2011-12-04

Such a smart idea. Thanks for posting

jagadeeshpar (author)2009-02-06

what about the second end of the motor any one ?

Algag (author)jagadeeshpar2010-07-12

what do you mean?

kinan (author)Algag2011-09-17

interesting easy

neoking1991 (author)2011-06-26

those one's of you people who think it's a trick, are extremely stupid 

the hole idea is to have this "plan"  hanging from the ceiling and when you turn the motor on it will start to spin around a center point (in a circle)   
and the gray wire is not attached to the batteries because if you have noted  he didn't use a switch  so if it was attached it will run 

but i guess you didn't read it to the end  thats in case you were not too stupid to read   . 

masoon (author)2011-06-26

somehow this instructable has 4.5 stars?

iminthebathroom (author)2011-06-25

Think people are confusing your instructables for an actual flying plane, correct me if I'm wrong but what your trying to show how to build is a tether plane. The kind you used to be able to buy at toy stores and most likely now only at airport gift stores. All the weight is suspended by fishing line from a tether mounted on your ceiling. The prop turning would pull it through the air, the fishing line would guide it in a perpetual circle. So yes, doesn't really fly, but its got kinda like flying action. Still fun for little ones. Check out the picture.

p.j.atul (author)2011-06-23

how does it fly horizontally without any wings? this is. foolish.please be realistic.

Sk8terthing (author)2009-02-16

hey guys. What is that gray cord connecting the electric motor and the battery? What is giving off the electric current, that grey wire or the copper wire?

XkidXhavocX (author)Sk8terthing2009-03-31

the copper wire is keeping it sturdy while the grey wire gives and recieves current

howie18 (author)XkidXhavocX2011-05-13

is the almost c through wire or whatever the fishing line??????? this is so #$#$#$# confusing

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