Mini Airplane





Introduction: Mini Airplane

Very easy to make, electric motor, wires and battery.... a flying airplane

Step 1: Materials

Materials: pop can, electric motor, 9v battery hack, wires, and fishing line or any rods

tools: cutter pliers, scissor

Step 2: Connect Copper Wires

twist the copper wires in place as show below picture.

Step 3: Connect the Battery

connect the battery to the wires at the back of the electric motor

Step 4: Cut Out the Pop Can

cut out from the pop can to make a propellers. make a small hole in the middle of the propellers and connect it to the electric motor

Step 5: Fishing Line

tying the fishing line onto the airplane in the middle, make sure it is balance between the battery and the motor, you can also use AAA battery it will work the same. for more actions how the airplane work, please watch the video thanks



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Does this electric motor will work, plz tell.
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No oly the motor made by aluminium will work.u mentioned motor is too heavy its not fit for a plane

I think it's much too heavy to work :-{

It will not work. An aerodynamic model will be needed

it will work but the thing is only in an upward direction