Step 3: Pouring

 Here is where it gets tricky. Get your tin ready by placing it in a place where you don't care if wax spills everywhere. I chose a sink because i can just wash the wax away when I spill, and you will spill trust me. ( :  1 thing you have to do is take some wax and seal up the rails where the lid meets the container because if you don't the liquid will get through there.
First of all, melting wax in a frying pan can make it ignite and start a fire in your home. Very dangerous and not too smart.Use a double boiler, or like I do,melt the wax in an old tuna can (cleaned) slowly in the oven, on a cookie sheet covered in aluminum.Put the temperature on warm or 200-240 degrees.Remove as soon as it is melted. Should take a few minutes, but much safer.
or put old can in pot of water and set to boil EVEN SAFER!!!!
This is pretty cool! Wouldn't it be easier to melt the wax directly in the tin instead of ruining a pot? Also, good luck trying to get that wax out of your sink!

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