Mini Bike Repair Kit





Introduction: Mini Bike Repair Kit

in this instructable i am going to show you the kit that i take with me when i go on the road (with my bike)

it contains all the things that you need when you get a problem with your favorite 2 wheeler.

i ride about 18 km per (school) day and this kit has proven to be a real must have for me.

Step 1: The Can

for the can you can use a lot of things i used a metal can witch i had laying around but a plastic one would work to. the size of my can was :

11 cm wide

5 cm long

2 cm thick

Step 2: Basic Tools

the basic tools in this kit are the mini screwdriver and a hexagon key.

the screwdriver can be used to open up your lamps

the hexagon key can be used to open up the plastic around your chain

Step 3: Flat Tire Fix Tools

this includes :

tire levers

tire patches


and some 240 grid sandpaper

Step 4: Extra Stuff

i always like to bring some extra parts withe me, just in case i lose something

i don`t now how the parts on picture 1 are called so if you no please leave a comment below .

if you have exas to it you can always take a mini bus of fix a flat with you



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Maybe a bicycle tire hand pump

a lot of modern bikes already have a holder for a pump build in .and I don't think a pump would fit :-)