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Introduction: Mini Cannon

I'll be making a family of mini cannons, this is my first :D its pretty powerfull when i put a mini ball in it.



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That's pretty neat. Would love to know how you made it.

PS. You may consider working with explosives outside.

Hi watch this, number 2 i made. How i made it? i might post instruction but i can give you a short explanation ..

You need a tube of something that cant burn. then you take a drill or something and make a hole in it, then as fuse i use a sparkler.

Since i dont have any blackpowder :( its illeggal but i use match stick powder that works too.

When you load it, you gotta first put the powder in, then a piece of paper down the barrel, and then you ball or jellybean and then light the fuse and booom.

this is number 2 i made.

Where do you live? In America it isn't illegal, and even so you could make your own.

that is awesome!!! going to make this for sure thanks alot! ;)

Great! write to me when its done :D