video Mini cannon

I'll be making a family of mini cannons, this is my first :D its pretty powerfull when i put a mini ball in it.

zazenergy4 years ago
That's pretty neat. Would love to know how you made it.

PS. You may consider working with explosives outside.
Kong markus (author)  zazenergy4 years ago
Hi watch this, number 2 i made. How i made it? i might post instruction but i can give you a short explanation ..

You need a tube of something that cant burn. then you take a drill or something and make a hole in it, then as fuse i use a sparkler.

Since i dont have any blackpowder :( its illeggal but i use match stick powder that works too.

When you load it, you gotta first put the powder in, then a piece of paper down the barrel, and then you ball or jellybean and then light the fuse and booom.

this is number 2 i made.

Where do you live? In America it isn't illegal, and even so you could make your own.
willb283 years ago
Kong markus (author)  willb283 years ago
Why ?
Blo0dZsTa3 years ago
that is awesome!!! going to make this for sure thanks alot! ;)
Kong markus (author)  Blo0dZsTa3 years ago
Great! write to me when its done :D