is the boy at the front of the class always annoying you or is your colleague always distracting you if so then follow these 4 easy steps to build a mini catapult 

Step 1: What You Need

you will need:
a bulldog clip
a rubber band 
a ink cartridge or pencil

Step 2: Wrap Around

wrap the rubber band around the handles of the bulldog clip. double it over if your band is to long.

Step 3: Nearly There

the last step in which you build something.
place the ink cartridge (or pencil) in between the body of the clip and the handle.

Step 4: Now for Revenge!

to fire the catapult just hold down the handle ,that has nothing between it and the body of the clip, onto the table then pull back the other handle add some ammo and release the handle that has the ammo on it.
<p>Yes thats true JMStorm</p>
<p>sweet and simple</p>
<p>cool works nicely</p>
<p>cool works nicely</p>
Awesome! I'm gonna make one.
I love it
<p><strong><em>Epic stuff!</em></strong></p>

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