Mini fishing reel from a 35 mm film cartridge

Picture of mini fishing reel from a 35 mm film cartridge
today we have a little winder made from a 35 mm film cartridge.
this could be used to store fishing line in a survival kit or to keep string clean and organized in a tool box. or as the reel in an ultralight fishing outfit.
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Step 1: Materials and tools


1 .film cartridges preferably the old type that have the removable end caps{check with people who had darkrooms years ago chances are they loaded their own film and may have saved some of the old cartridges}
most likely you will have to settle for the newer type {try your local one hour lab they may have them
to recycle or toss but they will be happy to give you some....maybe ask nicely]

2. some paper clips or small nails

3. fishing line or string.

1. hole punch {the one i use here is very strong i think its for ear tagging animals but i may be wrong}

2. pliers

3. drill or small pointy file

4. small file or sandpaper
yaly2 years ago
That is a hole punch for belts made of leather for both men and women
lennyb (author)  yaly2 years ago
actualy it turns out to be a punch press for putting eyelets or grommets into cloth
i bought a new one last year at an obscure tool store.
then i broke it lol.
thanks for your input though :)
yaly lennyb1 year ago
what I previously said turns out to be what we are using it for here in egypt LOL
lennyb (author)  yaly1 year ago
whatever works my friend. i broke mine trying to put a grommet into a heavy duty rubber glove.
dadanr5 years ago
Good idea and instructable......... I will make some....... thanks :)
jackmcd0075 years ago
now all you have to make is a mini rod to cast with!
How did you come up with the idea, Its a great one.
lennyb (author)  DirectorsCUT7 years ago
thanks for the kind comment the idea came from 24 years working as a photolab technician and as an outdoor enthusiast who always carries a small survival kit.{and as a person who hates waste{packrat} as you know strong string/fishing line is a must in any handy survival kit but bundles of string get tangled, exposed reels get dirty or frayed. this covers the string and lets you deploy it and keep it tidy
do you fish aswell as me? i may not be the only 1 around her
if you know how do catch heavy fish you could definitely use this and it should work. now how to make a net
gabriahl6 years ago
Nice I had this same idea except I was thinking about using an old floss container. The film case looks much stronger.
pforest7 years ago
That is a great idea :)

When I broke my rod on my last fishing trip, I wish I could have tied my abu garcia reel on a piece of wood lol! I ended up drinking while my buddies got huge trouts :(

Thanks for the idea!

Abu Garcia Fishing Reels
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Great Idea! I am always looking for new survival gizmos. I think I may be able to go to walgreens, CVS, or even walmart and ask for a few used film cartridgs. I bet you could silde a few hooks in there as well.
corey117 years ago
1 more question, How do you cast it if the line is smushed in the lips of the fil cartrige?
lennyb (author)  corey117 years ago
its not really made to cast just to store the line in a survival kit. the idea is you would use a willow switch or some other stick and tie the end on to it like an old fashioned bamboo fishing pole. i have caught trout with an alder branch and 5 feet of fishing line so a fancy fishing outfit isnt always needed
corey117 years ago
How did you come up with the idea, Its a great one.
lennyb (author)  corey117 years ago
i work in a photo lab and im an incurable pack rat. after 25 years it was bound to click together
corey117 years ago
I have a pill bottle survival kit maybe this will fit in it!
lennyb (author)  corey117 years ago
i think its a little big for a pill bottle. you could always strap it on the outside with a rubber band
corey117 years ago
once I get to my house ill make one of these and ill make a new one with fishing hooks in a box on the side,is that ok.
corey117 years ago
what r the holes for, do you need them?
lennyb (author)  corey117 years ago
you dont need the holes . i put them there so the reel cant be mistaken for film and it lets you see how much line you have left and if its rolled up evenly as well. it also lets air into the reel to help dry the line if you use it for fishing. thanks for looking
corey117 years ago
Looks like a great idea, to bad I dont have any film cartriges!!!!
This is a great DIY. Like the penny alcohol stove. Thanks for the great idea.