Step 2: How to with old cartridge

if you are so fortunate as to get an old reloadable cassette from 10 or 15 years ago then heres what you have to do.
first test your cassette if you can twist the end cap around then it is the old style non crimped caps if you can twist it you can pop it off. if it cant and most wont then skip to the next step.{read this one anyway you might be able to figure out how to open a modern cassette}.

pop off one end cap

remove the reel
{if the reel inside has a slot in it then use it if not break open a newer fuji brand cartridge to use the reel from that you can still use the solid core if you want but you will have to tape your line onto it}.

tie or tape your line to the core

use your punch or a dremel to cut some windows through the main casing{sand the edges}
the reason for this is so you can see how much line is in your reel and whether its lined up evenly also to be able to load up a newer case if theres no film sticking out.

replace end cap then roll up the line move it from side to side as you wind to distribute the string evenly {if you dont do this it will all bunch up in one spot and you will only get 1/3 or so of what you can wind up with a little care}

yaly3 years ago
That is a hole punch for belts made of leather for both men and women
lennyb (author)  yaly3 years ago
actualy it turns out to be a punch press for putting eyelets or grommets into cloth
i bought a new one last year at an obscure tool store.
then i broke it lol.
thanks for your input though :)
yaly lennyb1 year ago
what I previously said turns out to be what we are using it for here in egypt LOL
lennyb (author)  yaly1 year ago
whatever works my friend. i broke mine trying to put a grommet into a heavy duty rubber glove.