Mini Flashlight





Introduction: Mini Flashlight

a simple flashlight.

Step 1: Get Stuff

get an exacto knife, electric tape, one of those spy gear night vision goggles, and one double a battery.

Step 2: Extraction

open up the light thingy on the binoculars and take out the light with the knife. be sure to leave some wire connected to it.

Step 3: Strip

strip the wire.

Step 4: Attatch

attatch the stripped wires to the battery with the electric tape.

Step 5: Done!

you are now done.



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    Well that's pointless

     why can't you just buy LED's from your local electronics store?

    *radio shack not available in the Philippines. Please hold*

     this instructable reminds me of this cartoon.


    u could have put these steps together 2,3,4 kinda pointless..

    u just buy a small momentary swith u know the tiny ones.

    the LEDs he used were from night vision goggles, which means they arent the best, try take newer more powerful LEDs for a bright light, and for a "switch, take 1 LED wire tape it to the postitive side, and dont tape down the other wire to the negative side, push it down for on/off, u might wana tape it to the middle of one of the sides just incase the wires arent long enough