a simple flashlight.

Step 1: Get Stuff

get an exacto knife, electric tape, one of those spy gear night vision goggles, and one double a battery.

Step 2: Extraction

open up the light thingy on the binoculars and take out the light with the knife. be sure to leave some wire connected to it.

Step 3: Strip

strip the wire.

Step 4: Attatch

attatch the stripped wires to the battery with the electric tape.

Step 5: Done!

you are now done.
Well that's pointless
 why can't you just buy LED's from your local electronics store?
Radio Shack
*radio shack not available in the Philippines. Please hold*
 this instructable reminds me of this cartoon.
u could have put these steps together 2,3,4 kinda pointless..
how do u turn it off
u just buy a small momentary swith u know the tiny ones.
the LEDs he used were from night vision goggles, which means they arent the best, try take newer more powerful LEDs for a bright light, and for a "switch, take 1 LED wire tape it to the postitive side, and dont tape down the other wire to the negative side, push it down for on/off, u might wana tape it to the middle of one of the sides just incase the wires arent long enough
it seams the goggles would be more fun
same as jedi.
The gogles would be more fun i mean
Oh, you mean you second that.
It certainly is petite, though it would be smaller and brighter with an A23 (you'd need a resistor though). But my question here (and I'm not trying to be mean) is, does taping a bulb to a battery warrant the creation of an instructible? Maybe add a switch in, whether it's improvized or manufactured.
hek i got those binoculars. they are from that spy thing
Were the binoculars chosen just cause they have a regular light/LED? Or is there a specific reason to use them.

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