Introduction: Mini Glider for Bend Man

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I am enter this into the yarn contest please vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO learn to build a  bend man go to the yarn contest 

Step 1:

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things you need a stick yarn glue gun  and scissors

Step 2: Cut Pieces

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now cut a 8 inch piece out of your stick

Step 3:

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cut 2  3 inch out of your stick

Step 4: Glue the Pieces

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glue the pieces

Step 5:

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cut 2 6 inch pieces out of your stick and then glue them on to the 3 inch piece

Step 6: Glue the Yarn

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ok now that you glued the pieces  time to put the yarn on

Step 7: Do It Again

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now do the same thing again

Step 8: Cut More Pieces

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cut 2 3 inch pieces out and glue them on the front of your glider

Step 9:

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cut a 3 inch  and a half piece out of your stick and glue it and your are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


popscott3 (author)2011-03-11

But does it fly?

build52 (author)popscott32011-03-11

no I was going to use fabric but then I coulded think of any thing with yarn so I did that.

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