Picture of mini greenhouse/ multi use acrylic box
measure acrylic sheet,tape up sheet where your going to mark your cut. measure 6x6 inches x2 then 12x6 inches x4
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Step 1: Cutting acrylic sheet

Picture of cutting acrylic sheet
then cut sheet on vertical band saw

Step 2: Tape and cement

Picture of Tape and cement
line your pieces up with clear tape, then take a pipette and fill it up with acrylic cement. Then slowly add to all joints in your taped up acrylic box.

Step 3: Applying pressure and drying time

Picture of Applying pressure and drying time
After applying cement apply pressure for five to ten minutes on edges with hands then let it sit and dry for thirty minutes

Step 4: Finshed product

Picture of finshed product
All done just need to add dirt and plants or bugs and lizards. Have fun with it.