Mini Greenhouse/ Multi Use Acrylic Box



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Introduction: Mini Greenhouse/ Multi Use Acrylic Box

measure acrylic sheet,tape up sheet where your going to mark your cut. measure 6x6 inches x2 then 12x6 inches x4

Step 1: Cutting Acrylic Sheet

then cut sheet on vertical band saw

Step 2: Tape and Cement

line your pieces up with clear tape, then take a pipette and fill it up with acrylic cement. Then slowly add to all joints in your taped up acrylic box.

Step 3: Applying Pressure and Drying Time

After applying cement apply pressure for five to ten minutes on edges with hands then let it sit and dry for thirty minutes

Step 4: Finshed Product

All done just need to add dirt and plants or bugs and lizards. Have fun with it.



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