a craft made of plastic that floats (sorta)
my 2nd instructable leave comments!

Step 1: Materials!

solder ion
9v battery clip 3 9v{radio shak}
wire tape
plastic can{me its a 6mm bb can}
fan (must be able to fit over can!){i got it from a computer}

Step 2: Solder Time

solder black wire on fan to switch
the other switch prong to black on battery clip
red go directly to + on battery

Step 3: Assembly

dill holes in plastic
expiriment with batterys (start with three)
the screws are stableizers

Step 4: Sealing

seal the fan seams (make sure it blows down first)
awesome!!keep making cool stuff!<br />
I was like 10 when I made this I'm working with H2 O2 now xD but thanks I love people like you!!!
<p>Isn't H2O2 hydrogen peroxide though? I worked with that when I was 10...</p>
Great idea, never would've thought about using a computer fan for a hover craft... Please excuse my little rant below.<br> <br> Dont know how long that fan will last if you keep using 3 9v batteries...<br> Every computer fan I have ever seen is rated to 12v, and 3*9v will give you 27v, which is twice as much as that poor fan is designed to use. Although I suppose that twelve volts would not proide sufficient air flow to actually lift the device.
On your next instructible please use the &quot;macro&quot; setting on your camera, these pics are really blurry. <br>
&nbsp;Umm, it doesn't matter which direction the fan is facing because you can just reverse the polarity of the wires.
Not with a brushless motor.<br />
but its as clear as water it wont word just turn the whole fan over the computer fans specially brush less only go one way but if you flip it over you'll get the effect you all are looking for
Uhm when i reverse it the fan dont work?!?!?!<br />
If you reverse polarity your fan will also go reverse.
no it wont fool
I meant fan, not motor. Sorry.
Hmm, weird because all of my motors go reverse then. Also no need to call me a fool and break the &quot;be nice&quot; policy, I may be wrong.
now days no computer fans reverse polarity
&nbsp;Yeah it does. some fans dont reverse polarity. :)&nbsp;
&nbsp;the fan blades are shaped to spin a certain way
PC fans have electronics in them so reversing polarity would be like reversing polarity on LEDs- It won't work. (some times it might turn in the same way no matter what the polarity. this is a protection feature on some fans)
approval of reply with added stuff
Check his name LOL
Can this hovercraft lift a little weight?&nbsp; I was thinking you could add the guts of&nbsp; one of those $10 r/c cars on top.&nbsp; You could have the drive motor power another fan and the steering motor move a little cardboard rudder right behind the drive fan.&nbsp; R/C hovercraft!<br />
"mini hovercraft" meh. Fabulous 27 volt battery idea? Priceless! heck, bypass the battery clip costs, and use the clip from one of the soon to be dead 9-volt batteries! Most can be cut with a pair of scissors. Others can simply be scored and snapped.
I wouldn't expect that 12v fan to last long running on 27 volts. Short tests shouldn't burn it out too quickly though.
mine wasint 12v it was a power supply fan
Fans in computer power supplies are 12V fans. Look at the label on the fan.
i used a 12v fan with like 50v and it just barely lifted off da ground, but i didnt have a cup or anything.
Dude. Tell me you like 13 or something? Or just really board. lol Just kidding' I was wondering when someone would post a hover craft. Did you thing about doing something to reduce the friction between you craft and the surface it glids along? Like maybe using the lid from a pickle jar at the bottom so it would slide easer?
i was rely board and made somthing and it worked and i am 13
Well....... At least your not jumping off houses and blowing up kittens like I was lol
i havnt blown up kittens yet
I have. Microwaves work best. lol jk
hey I'm 13 and when I'm bored I can make better stuff than this! (oops no offence I meant to reply to Blue_dream SORRY!!)
hey im 14 and do stuff like this when im board(and also when i was 9-13)
LOL, I'm 15 and I does this kind of stuff too when I'm bored...
hey I'm sixteen and I make real hovercrafts lmao of course, a leaf blower has a bit more kick than a 12v computer fan xD
Actually, there are already several hover crafts (none like this though) posted on this site.
To take up close photos, press a button on your digital camera that looks like a little flower. Hold a your picture button down half way to focus. Then press it all the way to take the photo. You still need to be about 6-10 inches from the object. if you want the photo object closer, try using your zoom. It won't affect the focus. Good luck and thanks for posting these instructions.
Can this really fly?
No,it is not supposed to fly,it is supposed to propel itself across water.
Faved for "solder ion"
i used a hair dryer motor/fan and a 12v power supply.....
>.> jeez i was reading the comments some are kinda mean :o Nice instructable but wouldn't 3 batteries be a bit heavy? O.o i might try this or i might make it into a fan... Or both O.O
why do you have a mini-din to usb?
Yeah a video would be nice...
Use a styrofoam plate instead of a jar.
Neat idea, but please run a spell check before posting. also I would use lower profile (like maybe 1.5") plastic, square, "glad", food container (ask your mom about it, of g-f/b-f whatever)
I second what jrgcool35 says, 27 V is too much voltage for that fan.<br/><br/>However, these fans seem to handle tough conditions, id say the best thing you could do is first using a 9v and two 1.5 volt batteries,and use a voltmeter, because those batteries drop down pretty quick... thats when you load more batteries on (it might not be the absolute best thing to do but practical enough for this proyect)<br/><br/>i think the reason the fan doesnt die is because theres a Zener diode somewhere inside the fan and that regulates voltage (i actually have fixed pc fans by replacing the diode). i should have payed more attention to it in electronics class i forgot what happens to the rest of the load but 27V- 12V = 15V and 15Volts might not be the best for whatever element handles the overload<br/>
1. Instead of that jar, you can get a lower profile if you use one of those little food tubs that you get butter or olives or whatever in. Lots of stores, like Whole Foods, have them just sitting out for free, buy a tub of olives and triple-tub it to get more at a time as needed. <br/><br/>2. LED fans for flashy tracer action in the dark. Or throwies stuck on if that's more practical. <br/><br/>3. Wall avoidance and a directional fan would rule, but obviously make it a hundred times more complex and twice as heavy... but that would be the best incarnation, something that can propel itself and avoid obstacles. <br/><br/>I'll be experimenting with all of these, I'll let y'all know what I come up with. =]<br/>

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