Picture of mini jack 3.5 based wheel lightning DIY
P1080840 (1).gif

I want to show you how I made bike wheel valve cap lightning  using mini jack 3.5 as base. It's realy cheap than the same stuff in store. And it's a very small but very COOL device for bike. Now everybody can see me riding a bike in the dark time. I made just one piece for rear wheel and I'm going to make another one for front wheel (when I buy some LEDs). OK. Watch the video. Do the same. Do it better than me. And enjoy!

I don't know why the light on gif is red(maybe converter bug). But the light is blue as on the picture. 
dontno1 year ago

Two Questions;

1. How did you connect the negative side of the battery to the inside of the mini

2. How do you shut it off.