This is a gun for first timers or if you want to be sneaky.It's 4 inches long, so you can put it in your pocket.It uses 17 pieces(and rubber bands).This will probobly be one of the easiest guns you have ever made.You can also attach it to a different gun if you need to.This is my first instructable no harsh comments plz!

Connectors Rods
10 Oranges 3 Yellows
3 grays
1 yellow

**Note i no this gun doesnt have power it's meant to teach the basics about knex guns I KNOW IT SUCKS I DONT NEED COMMENTS ABOUT IT**
**im not liable for anything stupid that you do**

Step 1: The Ram

Make This.
i like it!. it does have power for me
and another one bites the list! You people have GOTS to stop posting this rubbish.
you didnt even post a gun so i wouldnt be talking
Look at him today. one of the best knexers.
yes, but at least he knows that a good gun doesent get on "the list".
:-) I might be posting my battle rifle in the next little while as well.
i would love to see your battle rifle! i probely wont posting a new gun anytime soon, i have so many projects that i am working on that i not able to finish them. most of them aren't working anyway. hmm, i feel like making a gun today, have you made mepains crossbow? i might make that... or the slide gun, i have had good times with that gun...
I havae tryed mepains xbow, but after i made it i notices little stress martks on all the grey rods. not a big problem, but im kinda short on greys, and im not intent on getting them destroyed. you might have better luck though. and mepains slide gun? never head of it. do you mean the inferno? and my battle rifle probably wont be done for a month or so (sorry) im using most of my pieces in my ball tower, so construction is sort of at a stand-still.
the slide gun was made by blackrod. well, i decided not to make eather of them, but to make a slide gun. its got a slide on the top to pull back the ram and a 7 round mag. its still in its prototype stage.
cool. let me know if its awesome.
it stinks, i took it appart. it horibaly unrelyable. the mag doesent work wel, the trigger fails sometimes, and the ram breaks. the slide doesent work well eather. and to top it all off, the gun uses like 20 black hands!
˙ɔıdoʇ ɟɟo ʎpɐǝɹlɐ ˙u**p
which one are you talking about?
i am talking about the slide gun i made... O now i know why you are confused, i made a slide action pistol with a mag on it. thats what i was talking about.
OOOOO...... that explains a lot. Well, thats too bad. may i suggest the spider massacre 2.0? its pretty sweet. I might build the slide gun somtime.
the slide gun is very fun! i rigged all the triggers to go off at the same time and tied a string to them. i still need to tie the end of the string to my door.
LOL! that would be awesome. you could put that into the april fools competition. fun! btw, does it have much power?
yea i should enter that. it has some power but not enough to hurt someone. but it would scare them.
well, if you enter, ill vote for you. also, did you ever post your destroyer?
sorry, it had problems and just used to many pieces.
Thats ok. im also working on a gatling/MG gun that works sort of like <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Full-Auto/">this one.</a> exept it uses chain to pull the firing pin back farther.<br/>
gots isn't a word
gots was a accident. and i admit i dont have any gun instructables, but that does not mean that i have not invented, made, and modded MANY guns. if you want a list of the guns ive made feel free to ask.
dude nice gun, very small though
i think its actually allright
It's actually...Not bad! 3.5*
not innovative!
i have a mod for this gun -kinda- just put in 3 black pieces at once
woooow it is powerful i jst put my window thru jesus lolz
the instructions are confusing + I don't think i have enough pieces =/ <br/><br/>sarcasm<br/>
too many needless pieces I dont care if you dont want any postings!
This gun is abysmal and looks nothing like a gun, more like a thin and misshapen pack of cigarettes. There are many other guns that teach the basics of knex guns, in fact, the very first guns by (Your name here) were simple and instructional. The first of (Your name here)'s guns was intended to teach the basics, and his second gun taught more advanced techniques, with the addition of a hopper.
Ouch! thats gotta hurt (nice one!)
your instructable sucks, heres why: it's been done before, the barrel has been made about 5 times before, you have way to many misspelled words, its block trigger, it's to small, you even said it's not powerful so saying don't do stupid stuff is not useful in your instructable, butters
i dont care what your disclaimer says...this gun SUCKS
isnt that what i said?
this is true...hahah why post then? you basically are asking for humiliation
ok, just no. no ok. i really don't like to be mean, but these kinda guns just gotta STOP! nobody likes these kind of knex guns, and there are already multiple instructables on stuff like this. if they want to learn the basics of gun building, they could probably figure something like this out by their selves. i think it's great you wanta help the noobs and enter in the contest, that's great, but no ones gunna make it cuz they probably already made something like it. ya. so just, post something different next time. i'm probably really gunna regret saying that

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