Mini Knex Launcher





Introduction: Mini Knex Launcher

launches knex into the air, also could be a weapon

There is supposed to be a rubber band at the end of it

Step 1: The Pieces You Will Need

There are three white connectors, twenty-nine orange connectors, two tan connectors, nine gray rods, two white rods, and one yellow rod

Step 2: First Make the Shell

start with the white piece and snap all but one gray rod on it like so.

Step 3: The Pattern

now arrange 26 orange pieces in the middle in any pattern, it does not matter. Just make sure it attatches to its opposite.

Step 4: Attatch the Other White Piece

This is the hard part, you may want to use a hammer, observe four of the gray rods have been lifted up so the whit connector can fit

Step 5: Now It Is Time for the Firing Rod

make the rod then put the rubberband through the rod. Make sure the rubber band is in the right position.

Step 6: This Is the Final Step

All you need to do is attatch the firing rod to the end of the shell with two tan connectors. MISTAKE! there is supposed to be a rubber band on the firing rod, in the same place as before.

Just stick in the bullet and pull the yellow rod.

Step 7: Bullets

These are some of the bullets you can make



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    56 Discussions

    >>launches knex into the air,

    And that is useful how?

    >>also could be a weapon

    HOW? What is this thing supposed to protect you from? Burglars? The Hamburglar perhaps. The only way this could stop anyone is if it made them laugh themselves to death from it's ridiculousness. Look, I'm not saying anything bad about you personally. I'm sure you meant well by this. But K'nex is not something everyone has in their house. It isn't a common, everyday item. What it is, is a toy. Usually, Instructables show someone how to make an item perform better, expand it's function, or show you a new skill. You seem like a nice kid, I'm sure you'll do better on your next one if you leave the toys at home.

    19 replies

    I carry a little cocked pistol everywhere I go.

    Now think of this:
    If david killed goliath killed a human and a giant at with a sling and stone that think what a 50ft knex pistol could do...alot.

    >>I carry a little cocked pistol everywhere I go.

    I see you are from the UK (at least according to your profile). Well, according to the Parliament's Firearms Act of 1997, it is illegal for UK citizens to possess a firearm under 28 empirical inches in overall length. The only exceptions to this are police and military. Which are you, police, military or liar? If you are military, you should be reprimanded for you disregard for safety and firearms policy which clearly states that carrying a firearm in such a manner is a court marshal offense. If you are police / Interpol, then you should be demoted and sent back to basic training for the same reason.

    >>If david killed goliath killed a human and a giant at with a sling and stone that think what a 50ft knex pistol could do...alot.

    I'd love to see your 50 foot long k'nex pistol. Really, I would! By the way, isn't 50' a little too long for something to be considered a pistol? It a little too long to be considered a rifle as well. How do you walk with a holster that big?

    K'nex guns aren't firearms, they don't use an explosive charge to propel the projectile from the barrel Neither can they be classed as airguns; no compressed air used. as far as i know, a K'nex gun isn't illegal to carry here, but he WOULD have some tricky questions to answer if he got stopped by the police

    if u dont like knex instructables then dont clik on them, capiche?

    dude like wat the fraks ur problem were just screwing around w/ some plastic toys sure there are som insane "knex engineres out there" but give us a break were only having like fun so wat if we cant spell and and dont go back and check if we spelled everything correct we dont care were only doing this cuz we have no life no like minded friends alot of time on our hands if u looked at me on the street i dought geek would be the first thing to pop into ur pariniod mind but hottie wouldnt either i think we all just do this cuz were having fun not demorilizing 10-collageage kids for being cocky and saying stupid stuff so go get a life ur worse than us

    You suck. I think you need to relax? Quit being a jerk, and find a better use of your time. Like shooting kittens with that gun of yours! (lots-o-fun) anyways.... decent instructable... and an okay gun ~Jhalek90

    Only one way to do it correctly. Might I suggest the new Firefox browser. I has a built-in spell checker.

    see, capiche here many ways to spell it, including "capiche", and please, drop the subject, we hav put many posts about the correct way to spell capiche.

    For once, I agree with you. Whats more apparently this is getting neither of us anywhere and is doing nothing but pissing both sides of the issue off. I move that we just simply agree to disagree.