Picture of mini knex pistol
A small knex pistol that has a moderat range, and uses 17 pieces. It shoots small green or black pegs and is very compact.

Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of gather materials
get these parts
carlpogi_114 years ago
SO how this gun works
StyleCore7 years ago
Please dont post simple guns like these
schmidtty (author)  StyleCore7 years ago
hey i didn't ask you to look at it, and you didn't have to, so uh......w/e
Keep making guns like this, these rock!
give me ideas of more
its a nice gun
I just wanted to tell you that there is already enough of these simple guns.
I don't think there's enough.
Very good joke.
tincanz5 years ago
the problem with posting guns like these is that anyone can think of how to make them...  so please dont.
good gun but mine keeps on jamming
if you dont have airsoft or bb pellets use unpopped popcorn kernels. they work just as fine and are very cheap!!! oh by the way, how much are airsoft and bb pellets in canada? and where could someone buy them?
try sporting good stores
ok thanks...
ur welcom but there much cheaper at the swap meet but they work just as good but i would go to sporting good stores for the bbs cause the ones at the swap meet are the bad ones. there light and have these nibs on them witch would break your gun or jam it.
Omg the list!!!
superboy7 years ago
cool gun!
One connector worth of acceleration room? Thats gonna go like 2 feet!
Storm9507 years ago
2 feet! That would be a miracle!
thedaw Storm9507 years ago
mine went more like 20 feet but i did mods
T.E.A. thedaw7 years ago
wat mods were those
good gun. P.S. very good camera,what brand is it?
schmidtty (author)  darth acexxacer7 years ago
it was a sony cyber shot 5.1 megapixels but it got sand in the lens thingy and broke so i got another cybershot with 7.2 megapixles
ok cool i just got a new panosonic still and video
Wafflicious7 years ago
i think i liky
I made one just like that but uses 15 pieces. It's really powerful, too. Search, "Pico-Powered K'nex Gun Mod". That's mine.
killerAP8 years ago
wat are airsoft pellets?
Yaano killerAP8 years ago
killerAP Yaano8 years ago
Yaano8 years ago
BLACKROD8 years ago
It's a fairly nice gun, but I think that maybe a bit of modification could be done to the firing pin. Overall, Nice Work.
berrygunks8 years ago
niiiice!Works kk
bored with homework one day...got distracted, and made this...fun little gun :)...accuracy is a bit bad though...still had fun shooting the blinds with airsoft pellets!....maybe i can take it to school tomorrow x)
chillido6668 years ago
hey nice gun, maybe you could make a video of it and post it on youtube or something and link it back here. just a thought, cya
sgtsock348 years ago
i made it and its awsome!!!!
schmidtty (author) 8 years ago
hey Aeshir, airsoft actually works pretty well
this an ok gun
Aeshir8 years ago
Maybe i'll try spitballs......or airsoft ammo! :D