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Introduction: Mini Loom

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Okay, alot of people are asking,"That's not a loom" or "How do you make the loom", well you dont make the loom and yes, it is a loom. The mini loom* came with the rainbow loom* If you have a rainbow loom, you should know. NO HATEFUL COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Supplies

mini loom bands hook

Step 2: Add

add one band to mini loom

Step 3: Hold

hold one band under the side and pull through

Step 4: Same

step3 is same

Step 5: Almost

keep adding

Step 6: Long

make as long as u want



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    actually it is called the mini loom if you go on the rainbow loom page they sell the hooks with those attatched i actually have 2 types of mini looms...

    It's a bit pathetic because your facing it the other way and we can't see it ?

    It's cool

    That's a weird loom

    Hey you contacted me about a question on my rainbow loom instructable. Yes you do put a twist on the end, the picture shows that if you get confused

    you dont make the loom you buy and use it

    Did you make the loom, or is this "how to use the loom"?

    How do you make the loom? That's what most of us came here for.