Okay, alot of people are asking,"That's not a loom" or "How do you make the loom", well you dont make the loom and yes, it is a loom. The mini loom* came with the rainbow loom* If you have a rainbow loom, you should know. NO HATEFUL COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Supplies

mini loom bands hook

Step 2: Add

add one band to mini loom

Step 3: Hold

hold one band under the side and pull through

Step 4: Same

step3 is same

Step 5: Almost

keep adding

Step 6: Long

make as long as u want
Is that even a loom???? I'm thinking not!!!!!!!
<p>actually it is...it is called the mini loom if you go on the rainbow loom page they sell the hooks with those attatched i actually have 2 types of mini looms...</p>
It's a bit pathetic because your facing it the other way and we can't see it ?
It's cool
That's a weird loom
oh sorry
Hey you contacted me about a question on my rainbow loom instructable. Yes you do put a twist on the end, the picture shows that if you get confused<br>-Marin❁♡❁
how to use the loom
you dont make the loom you buy and use it
Did you make the loom, or is this &quot;how to use the loom&quot;?
How do you make the loom? That's what most of us came here for.

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