Mini Medieval Torch





Introduction: Mini Medieval Torch

using that magic fireball thing, now you can make a little torch, to put in your little dungeon!

Step 1: Here Go Your Supplies

you need:

1)~3 ft of a thick thread...i had some left over from a previous project
2)small drill
3)small file
4)wire cutters
5)1/4 dowel
6)3 paper clips
7)needle nose pliers

Step 2: Bend Them Clips

make them straight

Step 3: This Picture Is B-a-d

you cant see it good, but what i did is:

- drill hole through dowel, diameter of thread.
- put thread through hole
- file down three notches spaced evenly around dowel so paperclips
fit in (i colored them blue so you can see)

Step 4: Get You Some Glue

wrap the thread around where the paper clips fit. i had to use a little glue so they didnt squirm around. this zapacap stuff is great

Step 5: Almost Done!!

make sure you make the fireball from the link in the intro to fit the space you made with your paperclips

my desk has been through alot of projects as you can see

Step 6: Best Picture of the Day

use the needle nose pliers to bend the paperclips inward so they look like the picture, then use the wire cutters to snip them off

make sure the fireball doesnt come to close to the top of the dowel, this way the thread and dowel wont light on fire.

Step 7: Explore Your Dungeons

the entrance to my dungeon is through my closet door.

light it up.



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I used rubbing alcohol it worked pretty good but after 10 min or so it started to char the string and i it began to fall apart. Woulda burned slower if i hadnt been using a spray bottle full of rubbing alcohol to make a "flame thrower"

no they didn't... the cotton ball that's supposedly missing is the magic fireball that's mentioned throughout the article...

If so, I am kindly suggesting that he add a link to that instructable in the materials list. It says he has a link in the intro, but I can't seem to find it. I know what he is referring to, having built one myself, it just may be a little confusing for newer people here or for people who have not seen it. Sure they could google it, which is what I did, but references within the instructions make for a much better instructable. Hope this doesn't come off in any bad way, my comments can seem a bit blunt to some...

maby u could use a old cotton rag.

wats a dowel sorry im 10

i'm 10 too and by the way a dowel is a wooden rod

you aren't supposted to be on instructables unless you are 13.

Not realy im 11 but my parents don't mind, and shouldn't  you be glad kids are making things