This Instructable is a small pen gun that took me less than a half hour

Step 1: Materials


-plastic pen
-rubber band
-tooth picks
-key ring
-duct tape
-knife or seizors

Step 2: Make the Barell

remove ink cartridge and other stuff until you have a hallow cylinder
then cut the pen on the dashed line

Step 3: Make the Firing Mechanisim

-wrap a tooth pick in the tape until you have a tube with a diamater smaller than the diamater smaller than the pens
-second you cut your rubber band in half and glue the middle of the band to the end of your tape cylander
-lastly glue your key ring to thr end of the rubber band

Step 4: Insert Firing Mechanism Into the Barel

self explaining

... read the title

Step 5: Finish the Gun

tape the rubber band ends to the side of the gun

Step 6: Darts

cut off the tips of the tooth picks then wrap the ends with duct tape

Step 7: Done

load dart pull back key ring and fire I got mine to shoot 21.8 feet make modifications
<p>how many elastic did you used ? I've used 5-7 elastics but it's still not that powerful.It shoots bbs slowly </p>
Can you tell me where I can get a &quot;pen duh&quot;
Quick tip: Use strike-anywhere matches. Also, this is a good *ible, but please add real pics. Be careful!
dont get it
either looks like a bong or an really screwed cigarette XD jusk kidding
i may suggest using something longer than a toothpick to put in the barrel for longer pullback. other than that its a fine school weapon :D
I agree... REAL pics! but still nice instructable! :)<br />
the pictures dont really help
the pics do help,quite alot actually and now i am off to make one.
cool gun but needs more pics
really the should
Well, they don't. Nice I'ble, but you need real pics.

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