The say the pen is mightier than the sword!! So everybody needs a pen

This idea came to me this morning.


spare key

shrink tubing

heat gun or matches or lighter

free pen or bought pen

Step 1:

Cut tubing and refill to key size.

Make sure shrink tubing is shorter than the actual refill so when you run out of ink, you can slide the refill up or down to replace with new one.

Shrink tubing using heat gun or matches or lighter.

Step 2:

Impress your friends and enjoy your new portable mini free pen.

Step 3:

Use smaller diameter tubing to create a cap to protect your pockets

<p>right on no blue pockets</p>
<p>good idea but how do you keep ink out of your pocket?</p>
<p>Thanks for looking, your question gave me an idea for a cap. take a look.</p>

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