Finding a good, small pencil for a survival kit can be a challenge. Here's one that's easy to make and results in a very small pencil. Ideal for any pocket size survival kit.

Step 1: materials

You will need one refill lead for a mechanical pencil that takes a relatively thick lead (the one in the image is for a 3mm Pilot Croquis pencil - the refills come in tubes of two). I picked the B grade as its not too soft but will write on most surfaces. You will also need a piece of heat shrink tubing slightly bigger than the 3mm lead. The tube here shrinks from about 5mm to 2.5mm.

<p>Alternatively, those living in the UK can go into Argos and 'have away' one of the stub pencils provided for customers to fill in one of their order forms.</p>
<p>What a lighter.Very cool lighter</p>
<p>Oh not kool</p>
<p>Hey baby it's not a survival kit. It's a pencil to put in a survival kit. A small pencil. Understand baby.</p>
i have a better idea about a survival pencil that can last as long as you live, although heat is its weakness, and yea you dont really need to sharpen it since its a strong material. <br> <br>PS= its better not to eat it as it posses health risk. M gonna post it later once i have materials.
Go to any Staples, Office Depot or similar office supplies store and buy a box of golf pencils. I just bought a box of 144 for $9 (CDN) = 6 cents each.

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