Picture of mini plasma rifle
nice easy knex gun strong!!!
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Step 1: The pin

Picture of the pin
very easy step it is just the firing pin

Step 2: The handle

Picture of the handle
it is a bit harder but worth it almost done

Step 3: The barrel

Picture of the barrel
it is harder then all the other steps almost done after this one just to put together

Step 4: Puting it together

Picture of puting it together
putting it together almost done

Step 5: Putting the pin in

Picture of putting the pin in
putting the pin the barrel make sure you put it in the write end

Step 6: Putting the rubberbands on

Picture of putting the rubberbands on
putting the rubberbands on
jackdb19985 years ago
its not even a plasma rifle you nub
iKill6 years ago
wow this gun is awesome, i built it and it goes about 200 feet with one #64 band very impressive
i really doubt that, because with about 4 of those on my dsman crossbow, i can hardly get over 70 feet
hmmm someone doesnt have very good sarcasm radar
yea, mine's busted, i have to get a new one soon
DrWeird1176 years ago
It's really not bad, but take it down before the stupid haters get here.
just another simple knex gun bla
Lol, I love how you say "bla" to things you don't like, no offence, I just think its odd.
this isnt even a rifle!
pls6 years ago
Alittle tooooo simple, clear pictures though.
Vynash6 years ago
Not too great sorry :( Take a look at dutchwarlord's avatar and take a look at some of the guns posted here.