this is possibly the most smallest knife you wil ever make so enjoy. im looking for comments this is my first instructable


Step 1:

first gather the supplies:
1. an exacto blade
2. gel epoky
3. flat bamboo skewers
4. a rubber band

and the tools
1. a hack saw

and thats about it . you can imprve if you like

Step 2:

now measure the sick to the non sharp area then mark a line

Step 3:

cut along the line and make another piece of the same length

Step 4:

mix up some of the epoxy and stick the pieces together with the blade in between

Step 5:

then let dry

Step 6:

then for a sheath measure two legths of stick then saw for two sides then attach with a rubber band

Step 7:

and your done this shuold be able to fit into any pocket
<p>That is a nice knife.I made some in the same way except that i used a plastic hotel card,used a different reverse tanto blade and used superglue.</p>
<p>The way you make the sheath is awesome. Simple and easy.</p>
i done this with old credit card,fishing line, bored pin and a craft knife blade
interesting... I might make this with a scalpel blade and put it on a keyring.
you know that scalpel and exactos are the same right?
exactos are much ticker and have a longer lasting edge, scalpels are thinner and snap easy, start out sharper, but dull quicker, and are usually sterilized, and don't come coated in oil. <br /> <br /> they are similar yes<br />
wtf are you gonna do with a one inch blade? its not good for anything besides cutting paper.
great idea dude where did you get a scaple blade?
i ordered them in bulk online just search 100 scalpel blades, #11 and get a handle too.
i have found blades from disposable razors and blades from pencil sharpeners work well also
isnt it really just a little xacto knife?<br />
yay i made one but i made the handle and the sheath out of Popsicle sticks and added a key chain and wrapped the handle in black fabric and sculpted the handle to be ergonomically designed
cool post a picture please
i think i will do this but with tape

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