Mini Potato Gun





Introduction: Mini Potato Gun

Easy step by step instructions will show you how to build a mini potato gun that will easily fit in any pocket out of materials you have probably have at home. WARNING... this is still a gun no matter how harmless it may seem. Don't shoot this at any people or animals.

Step 1: Materials

Things you will need:

x1- large can of cheap deoderant (hair spray gums up the chamber)
x1- chapstick container
x1- Bic pen
x1- crapload of tape (preferably electrical)
x1- lighter sparker (can be found in long BBQ lighters)
x1- sharp knife that comes to a point
x1- needlenose pliers (optional, but recommended)
x2- short sections of thin wire
X2- thumbtacks

Step 2: Readying Materials

Pliers should be used to pull out both ends of pen and twisty thing on the chapstick container.

The back end of the pen may need to be cut off. You will also need to cut out the wall inside the chapstick container.

Step 3: Attaching the Barrel

The barrel needs to be wrapped with tape until it fits snugly into the chapstick tube.
once its in the tube, tape the outside so it doesn't come off when you shoot it.

Step 4: Ataching the Ignitor

-Two extra wires should be atached to the metal part and existing wire on the ignitor.

-Then the exposed ends of the wire should be wrapped around the metal part of the thumbtack.

-Then the thumbtacks should be pushed in at a 90 degreese apart from each other one inch from the cap (refer to second picture).

-It can be shot like this or you can see further instructions on how to make it all into one handheld package.

Step 5: Finishing / Tips for Shooting

-ignitor can be taped down
-excess wire can be cut off or taped down

~When firing only spray a little propellent in the chamber or it wont shoot.
~When you shoot always hold the cap on tightly or it will shoot off and hit you, I know this for a fact.
~One very tiny amount of spray is good for at least 2 shots if not more
~if it doesn't shoot check for a spark, if there isn't one its shorting out somewhere
~if it wont shoot and there is a spark, you put to much propellant in
~tape around thumbtacks to avoid getting shocked



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    I used a medicine bottle instead of a chapstick bottle. Check mine out:

    look at mine i used matches insted.


    made it, cant get it to ignite tho. any suggestions on a more volatile fuel??

    MAP Gas, Propane, or even that butane from the lighter you tore apart.
    These are good propellants plus they burn a lot cleaner than aerosols.

    how do you get the lighter sparker out?

    Heres one I made w/ a laser pointer(dead on accurate)


    alright, posted a slide show, should be up soon, check it!

    capn tac, i canget like 100+ feet with one made from pill bottle shooting eraser!

    mechanical penci erasors, ive shot a few ear cleaners, ok, the mad darts, litttle better, but nothing can size up to an eraser from a mechanical pencil, even if it is blunt, it has awasom penetrating power and speed!