mini launcher, cheap to build and fires up to 30m!

Step 1: Parts

-2 bottles -(coca-cola)
-piezo (lighters off bbq's)
-texter or pen (connectoer pens work best)
-pvc glue
-2 screws
-tape (i used making tape, it works better)
-1 inch pvc pipe
-lynx deodourant ( or a cheap copy )
can u make some catapults i like some of your instructables but i love catapults =)<br/>
check out my slingshot/catapult instructables
An alternative to the pop bottles would be to use PVC to pipe thread fittings with plugs or caps (depending on whether you get the male or female fittings). It'll cost more of course, but it's another way. I've also heard that the best fuel for spud guns is the cheapest hair spray you can get (as long as it's flammable).
I'm aware that pipe ends and such are available for 3 inch diameters, but do suitable ones exist for mini builds? I have yet to come across any.
Take a look at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.plumbingsupply.com/pvc.html">http://www.plumbingsupply.com/pvc.html</a> and go down to Threaded Caps - Fips - #448, Threaded Plugs - #450, etc. I would think your local hardware store should have something like these. If not, check any local plumbers.<br/>
actually, the best thing is to have a film canister as combustion chamber or an empty pill canister, both good. and methylated spirits is good, it can be applied to the bottle as a liquid and not a spray..
is there anything else 4 the sparker that you could use???
You can drill a small hole just big enough to put a match into. This method is not safe, but it's the most effective (more so than piezo sparkers). Wear some sort of glove if you do it this way. You can also try getting one of those incense sticks, those should work tool
O.K....I am a lil slow on this one. Could you post a video along with this. It sure would help those of us that road the short school bus.
its ok butters
Basically, a spark ignites fuel. This explodes, forcing the ammo out
try using a markers a the combustion chamber
tat was way 2 complicated
the writing seems complicated but if u get a general idea of wat a potatoe cannon is then look at the pics (specialy the final one) u can patch it together yourself
thanx for the advice
Where do I get mini potatoes?
Be careful with this AKA Don't take this to school I made one similar to this and I got two months of alternative school and a ticket
dangerous! you didnt say something like "im not responsible for what you or your stupid friends do with this". and also "do not point at humans, animals or any other thing that if you shoot at the owner will sue your ***". except for that; nice instroctable! -gamer
Nice instructable and welcome to instructables!

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