Picture of mini spear gun
this is a small 2inch rubber band gun that shoot's shishkabob sticks it is very very strong so be carfull this is not for shooting you brother or sister it will make thim bleed

Step 1: What you will need

Picture of what you will need
a 2inch wooden dowel,


duck tape ,

rubber band, cut in half so you have one long rubber band
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Master Wasi10 months ago

CAN BRAKE SKIN. It can tear skin not brake and not brake it is break understood.

I almost forgot to say not carfull it is careful got it

Xellers8 years ago
just use a pen case
toogood Xellers8 years ago
thats wot i did an i used a bamboo skewer it passe through a coke can!
I did the same thing and it works great.

me too

Genius. Pure Genius. I didn't know how to drill my dowel, then i read your thing
Thanks, XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i made a different kind and shot the squewr through my finger
one word OWWWWW! :-}
umm... cool but a little silly if i may say so lol
this is so easy to make and yet so effective! you say dont shoot at your brither or sister,it will make them bleed......is'nt that the whole point? lol im joking
brother is spelled with an o
shawna686 years ago
copper tubing works better.
pattymac116 years ago
very nice
Arbitror6 years ago
loy2666 years ago
I used a pvc one and wrapped the sharp end with duct tape and it went in to my nabors yard!
u should put a handle on the dowel so it would be like a crossbow
kser6 years ago
I made a bow and arrow before but this is way cooler that that so awesome
if i used a peice of pvc pipe would that work???
pvc is generally stronger than wood. go to a building store and see if it isnt... The problem miggght be finding pvc that small. 2 inches is easy to find tho.
I see no reason why it wouldn't.
RelyNupon6 years ago
use a thicker wooden dowel and use a pencil instead and it is the ultimate school pencil shooter!
I shot a pencil through the ceiling at school!!!!
killerkorn7 years ago
Just whoa Idk if I'll make it tho it is cool
sweet joker pic
jk13867 years ago
I use my cheap pellet gun to shoot shish kabob sticks haha Sweet instructable tho
my friend's arm doesnt like this, about 8 metres away, and about a CM deep
anoah27 years ago
Gangster! I luv it.
Opalinus8 years ago
i made it and ... its damn strong. But i don't know to what should I shot?
Its very dangerous!! Tanks for the idea!
i shoot to a Shoes Box so it has space to go trough. And i reinforce it with a thin magazine or ducktape when it looks like cheese. I made mine with 2 rubber bands and a plastic pipe form a fax machine.. the one that holds the thermal paper. And i shoot Chopsticks instead. Goes trough the duct tape like butter
slasher1187 years ago
bombboy2187 years ago
I made something like this but out of a blowgun pipe an dturned it into a gun and it misfired and the dart went though my the 2nd joint of my thumb and through the bone now i habe 78% metal bone atleast that is what my doc said so dont try it
any type of pipe should work
simple and powerful... love it!
sak-j8 years ago
why is there a hole in the pipe?
pakman227 sak-j7 years ago
omg!so it can shoot its a barrel.
Ribs sak-j7 years ago
so that the stick can go through it... isn't that kinda obvious
Legend8 years ago
F***ing awsome! To make it with bamboo would be easier though. I'm making this as soon as I get home from school (hmmm.... shhh). Yesterday I made a Hawaiian Sling to go spearfishing with. Its very long and hard to pull though, perhaps I could make this to do the job. Thanks!
maybe an ınstructable?? ı have a pretty good ıdea of how to go about makıng a pole spear. ı may post an ınstructable when ım done. unfortunatly the dont have many reefs ın england. the closest coast ı have ıs the severn estuary
Hahaha, well if you can get within 1 cm of the fish to be able to SEE it you might be able to score a fish. As for my hawaiian sling, its was great out of water, but in water it had an effective range of about 60cm... I couldn't get a good shot at any fish unless they were about a meter away. It was obviously the wrong kind of tubing. Too hard to pull and not enough elasticity. I think i've given up on the idea. I could make a bowfishing rig.... - !! Idea! I read a book by Howard Hill (ooold book) and he made a bowfishing rig to actually go underwater and shoot the fish. Ok that's what I'm gonna do with my next bow.
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