Mini Spear Gun





Introduction: Mini Spear Gun

this is a small 2inch rubber band gun that shoot's shishkabob sticks it is very very strong so be carfull this is not for shooting you brother or sister it will make thim bleed

Step 1: What You Will Need

a 2inch wooden dowel,


duck tape ,

rubber band, cut in half so you have one long rubber band

Step 2: How to Build It

drill a hole in the dowl it should look like this

Step 3: Put the Rubber Band On

take your rubber band that you cut in half and tape it on like on the picture

there you are finished

Step 4: Load It Up and Shoot

remember this gun is not made to shoot at people look on next step

Step 5: It Is Very Powerfull

see what i mean if it can do this it can brake skin



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    CAN BRAKE SKIN. It can tear skin not brake and not brake it is break understood.

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    I almost forgot to say not carfull it is careful got it

    thats wot i did an i used a bamboo skewer it passe through a coke can!

    I did the same thing and it works great.

    Genius. Pure Genius. I didn't know how to drill my dowel, then i read your thing
    Thanks, XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    umm... cool but a little silly if i may say so lol

    this is so easy to make and yet so effective! you say dont shoot at your brither or sister,it will make them'nt that the whole point? lol im joking

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    copper tubing works better.

    I used a pvc one and wrapped the sharp end with duct tape and it went in to my nabors yard!

    u should put a handle on the dowel so it would be like a crossbow


    I made a bow and arrow before but this is way cooler that that so awesome

    pvc is generally stronger than wood. go to a building store and see if it isnt... The problem miggght be finding pvc that small. 2 inches is easy to find tho.