Introduction: Mini Table in 10 Seconds

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if you have a baby sure you will have plenty of formula cans that can cover your house four times :P

we can get benefit from them and make a table in only 10 seconds


  • box
  • 4 formula cans
  • glue gun

Step 1: Combine Them

Picture of Combine Them

put glue in the sides of the can where it will attach to the walls of the box

put glue in the bottom

paste cans to the box from inside

Step 2: Congrats

Picture of Congrats

congratulations now you have a table

you can make some decorations to the table by covering it with wooden look cover or any decoration if you like


ahmedebeed555 (author)2014-06-10

Simple, Creative and Super fast . Thank you for sharing .

Nice and simple, good job! I like that it's made out of recycled materials, too!

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