One of the earliest and cutest thing i ever
made way back in Y2K
Just watch the rear wheel in the vdo :)

How does it hold that shape?
actually it's built around the motor casing, hope you got it
what kind of motor is it?
built from tiny magnets and copper wire enough to carry this only
Damn, nice!
how r they made
omg a bug sized bug
omg thts cool
It looks like a bug is operating the car.
if one looks at the rear wheel carefully, when its trying to push the pen, the wheels are rotating so..
I LOVE YOU (no homosexual remarks please)
you should make an instructable on how to make this that would be awsome
hi sure in the near future i will<br>I had made them long time ago so..
Sooooo cute!

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Bio: I have a knack for making functional miniatures. I don't use any specialized tools or materials for making these.
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