Introduction: Mini Wax Statues , Toys , Fun Candles

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now today ill show how to make mini wax statues , from this training one day you may open your own maddame tussads...

Step 1: Gather

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you require
°A mould ( im using a toy duck but you may use masks to create faces and other moulds)
°wax candles
°heat source
°bowl to pour and melt (metal)

Step 2: Burn 'baby' Burn

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melt the candles in a bowl and as it is liquid remove barn black particles

Step 3: Get in Shape

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now pour in as fast as possible it dries quick protect your skin , different colors may be used

Step 4: Done

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wait half an hour at most and take them out , you are done , now enjoy toys candles and decoration peices , i hope you open a wax sculpture more museum one day.☺


bstrikesudown (author)2015-09-01

where do you get the white stick part for the burning of the candle after you pour the wax into the molds?

ccpro14 (author)bstrikesudown2015-09-01

that is the from another candle a normal white one, u can make it yourself by twisting 3 wool threads and dipping in wax

hflorman (author)2015-08-11

So simple but great.

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