this will give some one a bruse!!!! it has a true triger

Step 1: The Front

u will bilt the front of the x bow.

Step 2: The Body

this will be the body

Step 3: Triger

this will be the true triger.

Step 4: Handel

this is the handle

Step 5: Puting Ruber Bans On

puting ruber bans on

Step 6: Arow

the simple aroow.

Step 7: Done

tour done
this is a discrace to instructables...
1<sup>ST</sup> what? <br/>
1st person to comment
u wernt 1st, u were 3rd... can u count?
I was replying to the other dude and no I can't count but thanks for the concern
I know, I just wanted to point out that "1st!!!" is not a sentence.
i see so how did you put the st up there behind the 1
Shift+6. Example; (shift+6) <sup>Hello</sup> (shift+6)<br/>
<sup> I see </sup><br/>
what are the pieces do u use??
Everyone, cut him some slack! who cares if this has been done so many times! He's just doing what this website was made to do!
been done many times before
mediocre descriptions, bad pics, no mention of how the <em>true</em> trigger works. not all that great.<br/>

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