Picture of miniSADbot - outdoor edition
This miniSADbot was created for the Kickstarter backers who supported the original SADbot exhibit that Ben Leduc-Mills and I created.  Thank you!  Here you will learn what to do with the kit of parts we sent you.  If you didn't back the project but still want to make one, a full parts list is included.  There's not much to it so it's an easy first solar project. 

Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
Shopping List:
  • small DC toy motor like the CAT# DCM-368 from AllElectronics.com shown here
  • small solar cell like the CAT# SPL-61 from AllElectronics.com shown here
  • some wire - ideally red and black
  • a 4.5" x 4.5" piece of cardboard
  • 2 markers or pens
You'll also need a soldering iron and some solder.

How can we make it draw something else??

mslaynie4 years ago
I think this could be greatly improved by adding a simple description of what people are looking at, rather than telling people to "look at the video" or "go read the website."
kunku4 years ago
can u please tell me whats that thing?
dustynrobots (author)  kunku4 years ago
See the link to the video below to see it in action. The miniSADbot is a miniature Seasonally Affected Drawing robot - based off of the installation Ben Leduc-Mills and I did at Eyebeam which is also a project from my book. It only draws when sunlight hits the solar cell. When it does, the motor will spin, sending miniSADbot into a spinning frenzy and causing it to draw with its two marker legs.
lolcat3605 years ago
use a battery and make it draw an infinite circle!!! (well, if the battery would never die)
thepete5 years ago
Just a quick question: in a sentence, what is a miniSADbot?
kcls5 years ago
Post a video! Nice instructable.
dustynrobots (author)  kcls5 years ago
Thanks! There's a video in the flickr set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dustynrobots/4813802089/