hungry for a pie? apple perhaps?or maybe something with a little zest! thinking orange?
no! your thinking lemon! here we have a miniature lemon meringue pie. it looks quite realistic and would go lovely in a dollhouse, miniature collection or just for fun!
it comes with two scrumptious slices and one pie!
how did you whip the top?
<p>I would take a small amount of polymer clay, some liquid polymer and mix together until fluffy then spread on, making tufts.</p>
This is so cool! Do you think you could show an instructible on how to make Cherry pie? thanks so much! <br>
Looks edible...<br><br>But, you didn't show us how you made it!<br>
it's pretty simple just get brown clay white clay and yellow clay. form the shapes and then whip the top

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