Miniature Hardware Store Cannon





Introduction: Miniature Hardware Store Cannon

this is a miniature cannon that took me about an hour to make. everything was bought from my local hardware store. please tell me what you think.

WARNING!: do not  over fill with gunpowder. i would only use black-powder and a small amount at that. THIS HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE A PIPE BOMB ! please stand no where near this when firing. if i were to take extra precautions i would pour molten aluminum down the barrel and drill a bore hole. have fun but not too much! 

if you want to see all the videos look up "miniature hardware store cannon" on youtube



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    This is very cool! Great job!

    thank you. im sorry i kinda gave up on instructables for a while. i still plan on making full instructions but now i have to make a new one cause the old one was recycled into a steam engine.


    Stem engine well thats cool.

    Do you use fuse threw a hole in the top?

    yes. just a small hole

    what do you use for the fuse?
    please respond, its an amazing instructable (my favorite) and i want to make it!

    sorry, i just break open some fire crackers and steal the fuse out of them.

    Just recently filled the barrel with lead from all the shot out of some shotgun shells. I worked nice but i have to find a way to drill a strait bore hole.

    Where did u get the barrel?

    Its copper pipe