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this is a miniature cannon that took me about an hour to make. everything was bought from my local hardware store. please tell me what you think.

WARNING!: do not  over fill with gunpowder. i would only use black-powder and a small amount at that. THIS HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE A PIPE BOMB ! please stand no where near this when firing. if i were to take extra precautions i would pour molten aluminum down the barrel and drill a bore hole. have fun but not too much! 

if you want to see all the videos look up "miniature hardware store cannon" on youtube
TSC2 years ago
This is very cool! Great job!
myakka (author)  TSC2 years ago
thank you. im sorry i kinda gave up on instructables for a while. i still plan on making full instructions but now i have to make a new one cause the old one was recycled into a steam engine.
TSC myakka2 years ago
Stem engine well thats cool.
Aron3132 years ago
Do you use fuse threw a hole in the top?
myakka (author)  Aron3132 years ago
yes. just a small hole
what do you use for the fuse?
please respond, its an amazing instructable (my favorite) and i want to make it!
myakka (author)  NanoRobotGeek2 years ago
sorry, i just break open some fire crackers and steal the fuse out of them.
myakka (author) 3 years ago
Just recently filled the barrel with lead from all the shot out of some shotgun shells. I worked nice but i have to find a way to drill a strait bore hole.
spinaci3 years ago
Where did u get the barrel?
myakka (author)  spinaci3 years ago
Its copper pipe
myakka (author) 3 years ago
If you guys want full instructions just ask
cearles myakka3 years ago
Can we please have a full instructible please XD
myakka (author)  antoman113 years ago
Sure thing. Give me awhile though, im away from home in virginia.
cearles3 years ago
what are the measurements from the paint stirrer pieces??
l8nite3 years ago
thats a neat project
l8nite l8nite3 years ago
as it is, it makes a great display piece, but like you mentioned, the copper is so thin it would be very dangerous to try and fire. A piece of gas pipe would be sturdier but still dangerous with anything more than a few grains of black powder. There's a reason a real cannons barrel is so thick compared to the bore (hole in the center)
myakka (author)  l8nite3 years ago
So true... BUT! i happend to fire it today with a whole 12 guage shotgun shell wort of smokeless powder and it was a complete suspense killer! It just went phwoooop and lit the ground on fire. Even when i had packed a large wad of toilet paper. If you want to try this then find an old shed light the cannon and hide behind the shed.
myakka (author)  l8nite3 years ago

thanks allot !ill try to potentially make it safer in the future.
ilpug3 years ago
you might be able to use powdered matchsticks in place of gunpowder to fire it. it is not as explosive a mixture as black powder. that being said, be just as careful. good build. looks pretty legit.
bconway13 years ago
Do you actually shoot this?

And nice project. I will make one now.
myakka (author)  bconway13 years ago
As i said, i would not shoot this unless u take extreeme caution. I would also take the time to get a steel rod that fits in the pipe and drill a hole through it mabe so it shoots bb's. You could also fil it with molten aluminum.

Be careful, thanks for the comment and vote for me!