Step 2: Drilling Mounting Plate

The next step is to drill holes for the compressor mount plate. To do this, I positioned the aluminum plate on top of the handtruck's plate and placed the compressor on top the aluminum. I eyeballed to center everything up then used a black sharpie marker to mark 4 holes to be drilled. I removed the compressor and marked two more holes toward the front of the hantrucks plate for attaching the aluminum plate to the trucks plate only so there are 6 holes to drill in the plate. Then I positioned the aluminum plate back on the handtruck and marked and drilled 4 holes in the hand truck as shown in the pic.
What isthe aluminum plate measurment for the compressor mount?
17"x12" - hope this helps, Tony
<p>Thanks for the great idea! Found it on Pintrest awhile back and finally got around to putting it together...I did put 2 bolts through the hand hold on the extension cord winder to give it more stability (doesn't move a bit now while winding cord)..I'm thinking of adding an Ammo Can above the air hose real that can hold my staple and brad nailers...</p>
Very nice job! Glad I could spark a good idea for you. The ammo can is a great idea. I installed a small parts organizer bin with a hinged lid similar to a Plano tackle organizer in the location you speak of to hold my adapters, sports ball needles, etc....
<p>This is a really awesome compressor cart. It looks so official I would have thought you bought it pre-made like that! It's an efficient and very manly looking machine.</p><p>I love using my air compressor for any job that I can but lugging it around can be a pain sometimes. I just put an <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Add-an-Air-Receiver-Tank-for-More-Compresso/" rel="nofollow">additional air receiver tank</a> on my air compressor to increase capacity and power so it's even bulkier now. If I could fashion a mobile cart for both tanks and the hoses, that would be sooo amazing. If I get around to it, I'll be sure to come back here and post pictures!</p>
Thanks. I would love to see yours when finished
<p>Very nice! Am going to make one for myself.</p>
<p>this is great! A guy could use plywood as well for the base and hanger for the reel. </p>
Nice :) in my to do/make list ! Thanks for an idea !
Great design and I am going to make one myself. I would also add an access hole on the bottom before assembly, if my compressor had a drain/vent at the bottom. Thanks again for the idea.
Thanks this was my inspiration for my project today, I had all the material in the garage so zero cost. Pretty happy with end result, great idea and simple design.
Thanks this was my inspiration for my project today, I had all the material in the garage so zero cost. Pretty happy with end result, great idea and simple design. <br> <br>
I am not sure I understand the coil hose use and modification. Why would you not just run a short piece of hose with quick connects from the compressor to the reel? <br> <br>How much was the hose reel? <br> <br>Great idea, I like it. I'm giving it 4.5 stars.
he simply was making a short hose to do just that. (out of a old air hose he had that was to long for the job, recycled the end bits from it to make a shorter hose)
I decided to do this for my Sunday afternoon project. I had the compressor and hose reel already. I found a pretty heavy duty hand truck on Craigslist for $25.00. I used about $8.00 worth of additional hardware. The extra steel tubes for mounting the hose real are left over pieces from a garage door opener kit. I put hooks on the back to hold an extension cord (on order) instead of a cord reel. I may add some additional hooks and or clips to hold tools and accessories. I used 1/4&quot; bolts with lock nuts to fasten everything together. <br /> <br />The center of gravity is a little further out from the axle than I would like, but I did not want to cut the frame on the air compressor to move it in any closer. It still works pretty well and is much easier than lugging that compressor around.
That's awesome. I was just sitting here wondering what this would look like with my compressor...then I scroll down and the first comment is my compressor :)
very nice job fzumrk! It will definitely make life easier
Great job on the cart! <br> <br>I have been meaning to do something similar for a while, but alas, have not gotten to this project. Lugging my compressor around is not fun.
Here is one that my father built. Yours looks very clean!
his looks very nice too and bet it gets thr job done
This is an incredibly useful and well thought-out hack! I have to haul my little compressor, about the same size, from the garage into the house and back again every so often. Having it mounted to a cart like that would make it much more convenient!
great idea !

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