Step 2: Drilling mounting plate

Picture of drilling mounting plate
The next step is to drill holes for the compressor mount plate. To do this, I positioned the aluminum plate on top of the handtruck's plate and placed the compressor on top the aluminum. I eyeballed to center everything up then used a black sharpie marker to mark 4 holes to be drilled. I removed the compressor and marked two more holes toward the front of the hantrucks plate for attaching the aluminum plate to the trucks plate only so there are 6 holes to drill in the plate. Then I positioned the aluminum plate back on the handtruck and marked and drilled 4 holes in the hand truck as shown in the pic.
luv2sail212 years ago
Great design and I am going to make one myself. I would also add an access hole on the bottom before assembly, if my compressor had a drain/vent at the bottom. Thanks again for the idea.