Introduction: Mobius Apron

Picture of Mobius Apron
Here's an unusual thing.  An apron with only one edge.  And one hole.

The nice thing about it is, you don't have to tie it.  You just put it on.  I like the broader shoulder straps and the fact that it's not hanging around the back of your neck.  Plus it kind of drapes nicely.  It's almost a dress really.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

sewing machine
1-1/2 yard of fabric (~58" wide)

Step 2: Print Out the Pattern Pieces

Picture of Print Out the Pattern Pieces
Print out the 24 attached images on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper

How to print out the pattern pieces from Chrome:

How to print out the pattern pieces from Firefox:

go to "about:config"
set browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing == false

Locate the original image on Instructables by clicking through
View image
Page Setup: Landscape, shrink to fit, Set all margins and borders to zero (0.0)
disable all headers and footers

How to print on A4 or other larger sized sheets of paper

Download each image in it's 'ORIGINAL' size. You can do this by clicking once on the image, then again to get to the image downloads page. From there select 'ORIGINAL size'. Right click and download the image. Print using the software of your choice without resizing the image. The original images are sized to 8.5 x 11, so if you are printing on A4, there will be a small segment of the paper that will remain blank.

Step 3: Assemble the Pattern

Picture of Assemble the Pattern

lay out the pieces and tape them together.  cut out the pattern shape.

Step 4: Cut the Fabric

Picture of Cut the Fabric

Lay the pattern shape along a folded length of fabric as shown.

Trace around the edges with chalk

Cut the pattern out of the cloth.

Step 5: Sew Opposite Shoulders Together

Picture of Sew Opposite Shoulders Together

Right sides together, sew the shoulder seams together as illustrated.

Step 6: One Giant Hem

Picture of One Giant Hem

Get ready to sew the largest hem you've ever made on a garment. 

Start somewhere, fold over a half inch of cloth or so and sew that to be the hem. 

You can just keep sewing all the way around the whole thing until you come back to where you started without stopping!

To make the hem lay flatter, you can top stitch it again a little farther out.


lyzzydee made it! (author)2015-07-25

I have just made this and its fabulous! I started to print out the pattern but it became a bit of a chore in the end I printed out the over all pattern (the small picture that showed the outline of the apron) and free hand drew it onto paper that I had taped together, that worked for me.

I wanted a long apron and it is certainly that !! I made it out of an old duvet cover, so its recycled as well!!

Thank you for a great pattern.

SharleneL (author)lyzzydee2016-03-13

This one is so cute!

foobear (author)lyzzydee2015-07-25

That is wonderful and you are welcome!

JodyS41 (author)2018-01-20

One size fits most? Eeeks! I'm a size 24. I assume i'm not most. Is there an available pattern for me? Thansk

DouglasH53 (author)2017-11-17

I have downloaded this for my wife. She loves it! I'm just curious for myself as to what sizes this will cover?

I see it is pretty much a one size fits all, but, she's 5'8" and about a size 12?

OneBirdieMa (author)2017-10-31

Perfect!!!! TYVM!!!

SALTSPRESS (author)2016-03-06

Thanks for posting this brilliant and great instructions. Hope you don't mind but there appeared to be lot's of pattern requests so I've copied it into illustrator and split out your pages into a PDF. I haven't tried sewing it yet but hopefully this might help others. It's based on UK sized paper.

Runnaduck (author)SALTSPRESS2017-02-20 are a genius. Tx

StephanieJ56 (author)SALTSPRESS2016-07-14

you ROCK! Thanks a million!

foobear (author)SALTSPRESS2016-03-16

You're a lifesaver, thanks!

WendiP2 (author)2016-04-05

Has anyone made this as a reversible apron? I know it can be done but I want to know where exactly I should leave an opening to pull it all through.

Leopardstripes (author)WendiP22016-12-20

I think I know how. What you would do is, cut 2 of the fabric. Place wrong sides together, and sew a seam all the way around EXCEPT for the spaces at the strap ends (both upper and lower!), and then leave a good gap at the top of the breast-piece- the apron front part. Turn it right-side out, press the seam allowance in, pin it, and stitch the larger opening closed. Then, from there, you would need to hand-stitch the straps , pressing the seam allowances inside of the straps, and using a hidden stitch. Then, I would recommend pressing the entire seam, and topstitching the whole thing all the way around. Hope that helps! :)

HennyK (author)2015-12-29

I trede everything but I can't print out in the seise I need, grrrr will some help me and send some pieces in PDF email to me? Thank you for helping with kindly regards, Henny

kathyriddle (author)2015-09-04

I have read your instructions over 'n over and still can not figure out what I am doing wrong to print those 24 pages for the pattern. Any suggestions out there on how to create the pattern without wasting 24 sheets of paper?

foobear (author)kathyriddle2015-09-05

I'm not sure what problem you're having, but lyzzydee just eyeballed it with a piece of chalk and it worked out well for her. I guess I could try to sell the pattern on etsy or somethink, but I haven't got a round tuit.

foobear (author)foobear2015-09-28

I apologize, but I have lost track of the thing. I have a job now, so I don't have time to devote to this hobby anymore. But you can guestimate the size given that the sheets of paper that compose the pattern are 8.5" x 11". Best wishes and thank you for your interest.

kathyriddle (author)foobear2015-09-05

It would be lovely to see measurements written out on the full pattern (length of various sections in inches) of the original version then I'd have no problem adjusting my version from those measurements. That would, at least, give me something to go on as I've made a similar one but your one piece pattern looks so much more effective.

foobear (author)kathyriddle2015-09-05

I will look for the apron and take measurements and upload them. I'm not sure where it is actually, but I'll try to follow through.

kathyriddle (author)2015-09-06

Thank You! That would be so kind and generous of you! I look forward to you finding the apron and doing that for those of us who would like to replicate your apron.

Blue Rose (author)2015-03-17

I love this apron and plan to make one soon. Unfortunately I don't have access to letter size paper (8x11.5"), we only have A4 here. Printing on that will distort the pattern?
Author, could you export the pattern on A4 paper please?

foobear (author)Blue Rose2015-03-19

Download each image in it's 'ORIGINAL' size. You can do this by
clicking once on the image, then again to get to the image downloads
page. From there select 'ORIGINAL size'. Right click and download the
image. Print using the software of your choice without resizing the
image. The original images are sized to 8.5 x 11, so if you are
printing on A4, there will be a small segment of the paper that will
remain blank.

Blue Rose (author)foobear2015-03-22

Thanks foobear, I will be back with pictures :D

watchmeflyy (author)2014-08-30

This is ingenious!

sci5 (author)2014-06-24

This exactly what I have bee looking for. I may add deep pockets, make one for working outside, one for painting, one for science lab!

foobear (author)sci52014-06-24

sounds awesome! please post photos if you do it!

grannyjones (author)2013-04-19

I've got to make mine!

foobear (author)grannyjones2014-03-04

Show us a picture if you make it!

sandycraig0 (author)2013-04-22

This is great. I'm a wheelchair user and this will be a perfect overdress for me because I don't need to worry about trying to get material under my bottom. I can put it on in a seated position. Also I can have a quick top clothes layer change when I inevitably spill something on my lap. Also great for careers and people who struggle with zips and buttons. Thank you.

foobear (author)sandycraig02014-03-04

Thank you!

Dr. P (author)2013-04-05

I love this! Your photo sequence is helpful to those of use missing the part of the brain that controls mirror images, crown molding cutting, and mobius stuff. (It took me a while to figure out how to put the apron on. Duh.)

foobear (author)Dr. P2014-03-04

hehe. I know what you mean about putting it on. I could not find the right words to explain it. The first time I put it on was easy. Then a few times after that I got confused. Then I finally figured it out.

DeeRilee (author)2013-03-27

I have a using a felled seam at the shoulders and finishing the edge with bias tape, you could make this apron reversible.

Get one side dirty, turn the other side out! Or by using a fabric that is reversible, but looks different on the reverse side, it would give you two different 'looks'.

foobear (author)DeeRilee2013-03-27

ooh , good idea. I was not happy with the seam anyway

DeeRilee (author)2013-03-27

Very nice! Any idea of what range of sizes this would fit?

foobear (author)DeeRilee2013-03-27

I'm not at all sure. But what I would try is, measure the person from their shoulder to as long as you wanted it to go, say, the ankles. And then print out the pattern so that the longer width of it was approximately that length you measured. That might work for a very tall or small person. It if was a portly person, I'm not sure what would happen. You might measure their circumference at the widest part and then scale the pattern in the other dimension accordingly. But I have not done any such experiments, its just conjecture.

darrenhall (author)2013-03-27

Really clever - pretty much one size fits all and gravity holds the item nicely in place, I could see this this having some broad applications.

Big respect

foobear (author)darrenhall2013-03-27

Sweet! Thanks! Like what kind of applications?

darrenhall (author)2013-03-27

Me again - I had had a thought - if ya turned this round and cut the material slightly differently would it not make a cool sarong for down on the beach or even a great fitting dress.

Thought provoking and cool - well done.

See ya.


foobear (author)darrenhall2013-03-27

I was kind of thinking that too! I want to think about how to recut it so you could turn it around and wear it as some kind of dress.

capricorn (author)2013-03-26

This is inventive and really elegant. I like it.

Thank you for sharing :)

foobear (author)capricorn2013-03-26

Cool! Thanks!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2013-03-25

Ooh Fun! So easy to make :)

foobear (author)Penolopy Bulnick2013-03-25

thank you! thanks for the feature!

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