Introduction: Mod for Killer6's Rifle

Picture of Mod for Killer6's Rifle

this is a mod for killer6's rife : the mod is a cool sight system

Step 1: Front Sight

Picture of Front Sight

picture 1:sight
picture 2:all the peices
picture 3 :make
picture 4 :make
picture 5 :put step 1 together
picture 6:put step 2 together
picture 7:put step 1 + 2 together

Step 2: Back Sight

Picture of Back Sight

picture 1 :make
picture 2 :make the green rod but dont but on the sight
picture 3 :put the green rod in the top for the rifle
picture 4 :make
picture 5 :put on gun like so
picture 6 :put step 4 on step 1

Step 3: You Done

Picture of You Done

a picture of what its like


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no what

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i have no idea

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