this mod will allow you to shoot almost anything with your knex gun (within reason)
place item between to grey connecters in front of barrel.
bullet will hit item and send it flying.

i found that it works very well with lego technic gears they spin giving them power.

Step 1: Getting the Parts

youu will need 11 parts

Step 2: Getting Started

will need a blue rod and a purple/grey connecter

Step 3: Addind Suport

need to add 4 blue spacers as shown below

Step 4: I'm Going to Name This Step Steve Because I Have No Other Name for It

will need another purple connecter

Step 5: This One Will Be Named Gir

this next purple connecter will hold a second purple/grey connecter that will put pressure on an item between them.

Step 6: Adding Other Connecter

do same on other side

Step 7: Final Step

adding these will help to keep item held in place
what is it exactly supposed to do?
what is it?
what gun do you add this to
I like my gun just fine, but great instructable. only if every ne was that detailed...
haha lol
Don't get this
Steve LOL
sweet! ill add it on my gun
um...... ok then
Hmm. Interesting, interesting indeed. TM
Indeed<sup>TM</sup> <br/>
Don't make me Trademark your name!
loosewire; SOE Operative tm ha
Nooooooooo!! Loosewire; SOE Operative <sup>TM</sup> hehe<br/>
Alexandre<sup>TM</sup> Mykhailo<sup>TM</sup>. HA! What now? <br/>
Mykhailo says: <sup>TM</sup> muhahahahha<br/>
Hmmmm, don<em>t really get what your saying.....</em><br/>
ok so it's interesting but what do you think?
I'm thinking about how to intergrate it.
freely add comments as you like
do you have a picture of a gun that you can actually use this with?
you can also add connecters on the outer sides of the blue rod (can upgrade blue rod if ou like) to accomidate your gun
im going to add that pic with in a couple of days
Hmm. Interesting, interesting indeed.
this is my first but dont hold back post whatever you want

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