video Mod that rock candy xbox 360 controller! fun and easy!
everything is in the video

Hi, I've got the model with no motors for vibration, is there any way to place motors in the board?

out-of-the-box (author)  caro.gongora.36 months ago
Hmmm. That is a toughy. If there are solder joints where rumble motors would be then there is a possibility of using that connection. If not then I don't think it would be an easy task to add them considering they turn on when told to by the console
Loscha7 months ago

it is the Current that blows LEDs, not Voltage. You use a resistor to limit current.

5v minus Vforward for LED (2.2)== 2.8 v supply available.

To drive the LED at 20ma divide 2.8 volts by 0.0020 and you'll get required current limiting resistor's value, in Ohms (140).

That said, the current to Rumble motors will already be limited to an appropriate amount, otherwise you would have blown something up.

out-of-the-box (author)  Loscha6 months ago
I know. I was thinking voltage drop when editing.
jacks127 months ago

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