this knife is alot sturdier literally and cooler. it is really sturdy cuz i dropped it off my balcony and it didnt break.

Step 1: The Blade

this blade is real simple but requires a little bit more pieces but it has 2 edges and is alot sturdier make sure you add the white supports

Step 2: The Handle

thise handle feeels alot better and is alot sturder actualy three layers in it.

Step 3: Okay Ur Done

but all you have tom do is put them together.hopefully this is alot better.remember this crumby one that was the old one below see the sturdiness difference and how the new on looks cooler.
What's Knex going to do for cutting?
It's almost all for looks. Only reason it wouldn't be is either for practicing using a real knife??? or if you have knex wars to stab other people
Sounds lame
It is for some but amusing for others
i actually find that the BJ-12 Combat Knife can be useful for holding hostages in airsoft wars XD
It is pretty useful for that :L
Have you tried it? It's entertaining, lol.
I wrote a bit about it in my instructable for the BJ-2 Combat Knife although I don't think I mentioned airsoft withit, but yeh it is entertaining especially when I can take my cousin hostage when he's twice my age and Im nearly 18 !
You have a thirty six year old cousin that you take hostage with a k'nex knife? <br><br>O.o
well when he came up to see me hes started annoyin me real bad so i took him hostage
Well...I guess that's impressive, lol O.o either he is not up to his age or you are an extreme bamf that I do not plan on messing with...
You play airsoft too?
hell yes i love airsofting with my friends and holding his little brother as human shields ;D
Lmao! they're good for that. Only thing with little kids when your playing is they will sometimes jusst stand in the open and you don't wanna shoot them cause then they cry. Yeah, i've been using springers for a while and just recently got a JG G36C aeg. Way mor fun than springers. And all my friends have springers and I can beat them all and it's kinda cheap so i use springers when i play with them
lol yeah not the little kids i play with. they run and hide, but its just so fun xD. i only got one spring pistol, and im tryin to get a FAMAS with great accuracy and distance, but my mom hates guns >.> lol
My mom hates them too, but not as much as my dad hates the bb's. But Biodegradible ones are cheaper than they used to be so it's not that big of a deal
LOL i told my mom "i wont lose the bbs in the house(target practice) because they're glow in the dark. ill pick em up!" well, lts just say the floor lights up at night >.>
i have a spring loaded l96. it was pricey but its a lot better then aeg's in my opinion
Please leave these stupid conversations to your pages because I'm sick and tired of getting a notification from these chains
i like have knex warz and we use knifes to stabe heheheh
&nbsp;this is way to easy
you could attach knifes on the end or sharpen the rods
ill delete it
please....delete...the other one...
no! don't do that! everytime i look on the page, i laugh really much! please don't!
LOL nice
this knife is comfy and very strong build it
okay its better right now im working on a trebuchet which im gonna post im better with guns and stuff
I just find it funny that you made this on the same day as the other one. This one looks better but still not quite up to par with the other knives in MY opinion.
it is funny but i think he posted mods so quickly because all the comments he got were about how much it sucked
me toooooooooooooo
lol i was going to say that. he posted a mod to something he posted earlier that day.....lol
Ahh, looks a lot better. 3.5 stars.
i think it looks okay wat would make itbetter

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