Mod to My Assasin Knife





Introduction: Mod to My Assasin Knife

this knife is alot sturdier literally and cooler. it is really sturdy cuz i dropped it off my balcony and it didnt break.

Step 1: The Blade

this blade is real simple but requires a little bit more pieces but it has 2 edges and is alot sturdier make sure you add the white supports

Step 2: The Handle

thise handle feeels alot better and is alot sturder actualy three layers in it.

Step 3: Okay Ur Done

but all you have tom do is put them together.hopefully this is alot better.remember this crumby one that was the old one below see the sturdiness difference and how the new on looks cooler.



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    What's Knex going to do for cutting?

    It's almost all for looks. Only reason it wouldn't be is either for practicing using a real knife??? or if you have knex wars to stab other people

    Sounds lame

    It is for some but amusing for others

    i actually find that the BJ-12 Combat Knife can be useful for holding hostages in airsoft wars XD

    It is pretty useful for that :L

    Have you tried it? It's entertaining, lol.

    I wrote a bit about it in my instructable for the BJ-2 Combat Knife although I don't think I mentioned airsoft withit, but yeh it is entertaining especially when I can take my cousin hostage when he's twice my age and Im nearly 18 !

    You have a thirty six year old cousin that you take hostage with a k'nex knife?


    well when he came up to see me hes started annoyin me real bad so i took him hostage