Introduction: Model Airplane in Google Sketch Up

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I hate to boast but i am pretty good at Google sketch up 8, and i decided to share some of my talent. so i amde a model airplane to be cut out with a laser cutter.

Step 1: Starting Off

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i start with a 16" by 12" by 1/8" piece of balsa wood, that is the max size the will fit in the laser printer.

Step 2: Designing the Body

Picture of Designing the Body

i decided to do a simple blocky body, using inches as markers for the corners. after i had it done i decided to round the corners a little , so it would look more natural.

Step 3: The Wing

Picture of The Wing

i made the wing the same way i made the body using inches for intersection of where my lines go. and the back wing the same way.

Step 4: Finished Design

Picture of Finished Design

now your design is finished and you can go cut it with your epilog zing 16 laser. i would have a picture of the actual project but i am lacking a laser cutter. :(


WolfgangT (author)2014-12-11

same idea ;-)

Rebreg (author)WolfgangT2014-12-11

Nicely done, i never actually got around to doing sadly

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