Model Rocket Engine Launcher





Introduction: Model Rocket Engine Launcher

launch those old model rocket engines laying around your room or garage with this fun and not so safe instructable!

glue gun
dremmel tool/jigg saw
kudos box
calculator (optional)

rocket engines
plug (for tube)
Launch button(included when you buy a rocket kit.)

Step 1: Get a Tube!

The first one i made was a PBC pipe in my backyard, then aluminum piping, then a toy squirt gun. either one is a great option, just take either one and seal off one end! Then use a jigg or a dremmel tool to cut a SMALL hole at the base were the engine will stop so the starter can pop out and hook it up with the prongs on the launcher button thinga-ma-jig.

Step 2: Build the Rocket Body!

to put fins on the engine, put the engine inside the tube and measure how much space is left of the diameter. divide that by 2 and that is the width of the 4 fins!

diameter of tube:1 inch. w/ rocket engine in:1/2 inch, divide by two:1/4 inch
1/4 inch=width of one fin.

Step 3: Make the Fins!

Now that you have your mearurements, use thin cardboard like on kudos boxes, and cut your fins to the desired width and length according to the previous step. Attach 4 of them to the engine using a hot glue gun, and make sure the fins are all the way to the front of the engine, or it will fly (even more) out of control. Make sure the engine falls to the bottom easily or get something long to ease it in with.

Step 4: Launch!!!!!!!!!!!

Pull the starter out threw the hole you made, and hook it up with the launch button thing. People, I can't stress this enough, MAKE SURE THE HOLE IS FACING THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm typing with a smoldering giant band aid on my wrist because I wasn't paying attention! Anyway, hook it up, keep the wires away from the hole, and send that mother f****r to outer freakin' space!!!!!!



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    PVC not PBC. i am making a pvc vinigar and baking soda rocket launcher. i will post instruactable anout it when done.

    I think you should include a design for a rocket with the launcher, this by itself is not realy a rocket launcher but rather a rocket motor launcher. And you might want to include something about safety, it is usualy very important.

    Does it have much recoil?

    nice man needs a cleaner look but cool idea

    This is sickkkkkkkk! I am so doing this! Thanksssssss!

    WTF would I need cannon fuse for?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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    Hit "flag" on his comments, and let's get him removed.

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